Tuesday, 24 February 2015

One Day...

.... I might have to just put pictures on for you 'cos I am doing very little just now, so I don't have a whole lot to tell you. However, I have had a good day, but a very lazy day and I have been inside nearly all the time except for a wee run outside after my dinner. But oh, my dear friends, it was a bit cold for me, so I just scooted back in through my window and waited till I got a warming up cuddle from my MH and that helped a lot.

Me and her played a lot tonight and I ran all over my living room and jumped across all my chairs and that made my humans laugh, but I was in a wee bit of trouble last night 'cos when I came back in my rear end and my feets were a tad mucky and I'm afraid I left a trail of adorable little paw prints across the chair at the window, the arm of the couch, my MH's dark blue trousers and the rest of my couch. You would not have won any prizes for guessing where I had been! But as usual, I got away with it.

We still have no water on our little island and this afternoon I heard my humans saying something which gave me nightmares. In fact, I may have to go into therapy.

It was blowing hard and I have sent you a picture of the 'smoking sea' which will let you see what the wind was doing, and it was raining, so my MH suggested that they took their shampoo and soap outside and had their shower in the garden. Oh dear. A horrible picture entered my little brain and the thought of my humans running about the garden in the nuddy getting a shower is a sight I hope I will never see. BUT!! If I do, I shall make sure that there is a picture on my blog. If I am to suffer, I shall not be alone! Hee hee

It is still very windy and cold, but right now it is not raining, so I am thinking of nipping outside for a wee while before settling down on my MH's lap for the rest of my evening. So life is not too bad at all.

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