Monday, 16 February 2015

Restless Puss

For the past few days I have been able to get out and I was just getting used to it when it all changed and made me not happy at all. It has not been a good day cos it has been wet and windy and me and my MH weren't able to get out to play. Now she was OK with this, but it just upset me a lot I'm afraid to say and I have been a very hard to please little Squeak, and I know that will have come as a great shock to you, but there we are.

I asked to get out the window, but that didn't suit so I asked to get out the door but that was just as bad so me and my poor old MH had to try all over again and she was getting just a tad annoyed with yours truly and that is something else which will come as a great shock to you. However, she decided to play with me to try and take my mind off my restlessness and it worked for a wee while, but then I decided that I would try again to go out and it took me another three or four goes before I eventually managed it and I am not completely sure but I think I felt my dear old MH's hand on my adorable little backside to help me on my way!

I did get a wee surprise in the afternoon when my friend M. came to see me and that helped pass the time for me. My poor old MH thinks all these people are coming to see her, but you and I know better don't we? We'll not tell her though, eh? I even got a message from my friend S. to say how sorry she was that she didn't get to see me yesterday, but being as adorable as I am, I forgived her!

I am having a rest just now and I am cuddled up beside my MH on my couch with my head on her keyboard as she is writing this for you. I look simply adorable and if you close your eyes I am sure you will be able to picture me. I do hope so.

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