Friday, 27 February 2015

Some Good and Some Bad

That's what my day has been. Some of it has been really good but there was a little hitch in the middle of it. We still had no water this morning but it started to come through the taps at tea time so my humans are very happy. It is not perfect but it is getting there.

I played outside quite a lot today and had a good old sniff at all the grass round my house. I also had a sniff at the boots of the visitors who came to my house and I smelled lots of different smells which made me a very happy pussy cat. Then I was even happier when my DH came home from the pier with another box which I had great fun jumping in and out of and it was after all this good fun that disaster struck!

My MH went into the big cupboard to put some things away and she didn't notice me going in behind her, so she went out again and shut the door with me still inside! Oh woe! I was in there for HOURS! Well, I think it was about half an hour but it felt like hours to to this adorable little puss who thinks she has been abandoned. Eventually my MH decided it was cuddle time but she couldn't find me and she came looking and when she opened the cupboard I rushed out and I'm afraid I had a few naughty words of my own for her. That was until she gave me a great big cuddle and apologised and then I forgave her.

Talking of naught words. My MH didn't say any this morning 'cos she got her socks on with no trouble at all and she was a very happy MH, so that was a good start to the day, sure it was? Now, I have a question for you from her. These are her baby bonsai trees which she has made from seed but she doesn't know what to do to make them little trees, so is there anybody out there who knows what she can do to make them into little bonsai trees? That would make her a VERY happy lady.

So it hasn't been too bad a day at all and I am just about to go outside and play on my little island for a while and I shall tell the sheeps and the mouses and anybody who will listen really about my trauma in the cupboard. I hope I don't get nightmares 'cos I might not be able to sleep tonight, but I am sure that if I waken my MH she will make it all right for me.

She is quite good-----sometimes!! Hee hee

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