Sunday, 1 February 2015

Well Part 2

My little weather man friend told me that it wouldn't be windy today and he didn't tell the whole truth 'cos it was! Not as bad as yesterday, mind you, but still too windy for my liking and definitely far, far too cold. If it stays as cold as this for much longer I am going to ask my MH to make me a little coat 'cos by the time I go out of my door, do what I have to do and nip in again either through said door or the window, my adorable little body is so cold that it takes my MH a long time to get me warmed up again. So, a coat please, dear MH!

We were all up quite early this morning and my MH was telling her friend that for the first part of the morning she was sitting on the couch in her tennis shorts and holding her racket and for the afternoon she was wearing her football boots and her strip. We all had a wee giggle at the thought of that but in case you are concerned, it was a wee fib on the old dear's part. Naughty MH! Me and her weren't happy 'cos Andy lost his match but then me and my DH were happy 'cos our team won, so a day of mixed fortunes, methinks.

We have all had a good easy day and I like it so much when my MH does her exercises 'cos she has to lie on our bed to do them and while she thinks I am helping her, I am actually having a little snooze, but don't tell her that please. We haven't had any visitors today, but maybe there will be some next week. I hope so 'cos I love when our neighbours come in and make a fuss of me.

I did get a surprise yesterday when my MH was reading her emails 'cos there was one from me and it was from my friend J. who had lots of news for me about some of my paw pals. I have lots of paw pals and I love hearing what they are doing. I don't think any of them live on a little island like me and I can tell them all the things that I do so we have lots to talk about.

It is just the bestest of fun having a paw pal club and I know I am so lucky that my friend and my MH help me with this very important work.

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