Thursday, 12 March 2015

A Better Day

Although the weather still wasn't good on my little island today, me and my humans have had a very good time, but to be perfectly honest my dear friends, I spent all of the afternoon asleep. Well, what's the point of being outside in the wind and the rain when I could be all cosied up in my little bed. Now, why is there a picture of a big lump on my bed, I hear you ask? But I am sure if you have a wee think, you will work it out for yourself. Have you thinked? Yes! It is me sound asleep under my cover which is one of my favorite places in the en-tire world!

I had just finished having a chat with some of my sheep friends who are in the field in front of my living room and I helped my MH do her exercises. By this time I was quite tired so I asked her to lift up the cover and I snuggled down underneath and I was so warm that I just went to sleep for hours and hours. It was only when my MH came back in to see if I was OK that I wakened up.

I decided that I would have a wee wash before I got up to meet my adoring public and my MH thought I looked so cute as I had a good scrub to make me look adorable again. It didn't take too long though, and soon I was back up and ready for my dinner and it was then that I got a big surprise 'cos my DH had finished his jig saw and he had made it into a picture for my MH and she is very happy with it.

We both think he is a very clever DH---but we don't tell him that too much! Hee hee.

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