Monday, 2 March 2015

A Good Day

We have all had a good, back to normal day and it has been very fine. My DH went away on the boat to go to the Cat Shop and that is the first time he has been there since way before Christmas 'cos he hasn't been well and then when he was well he was looking after my MH, so I think he was a very happy DH on the boat.

Me and my MH had a good day and she has started to do some more of our housework so I just followed her round my house making sure she was fine---and she was. I even got a tickle or two from the feather duster and that made me chuckle a lot and my MH likes when I do that.

We still have to do our exercises and to be honest, my dear friends, I am going to be sorry when they stop 'cos I just love being able to lie on my MH's chest while her little legs are doing lots of work. It is then that we have lots of lovely chats which I just love, so I shall have to make sure that when the exercises aren't needed any more, she will still let me lie on her chest and purr for her.

We had some visitors this afternoon, but I nearly slept through and missed out on some cuddles. My MH's friends P. and M. came to see her and I was still on my little bed and I must have been sound asleep 'cos I didn't hear them until it was nearly time for them to go home, but I wakened up just in time to go through to my living room for a couple of big cuddles. Phew!

I would have been a cross puss if I had missed those. I must invent a visitor alarm in case it happens again.

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