Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Much Quieter Day

I had hoped that we might all go for another perambulation today, but sadly, when we got up it was raining and a bit windy so we all stayed in my house. Well, me and my MH stayed indoors but my poor DH had to go out a few times 'cos he had lots of things to do before the men come tomorrow to work in my bathroom. I will be very happy to get it all back to normal again, but I am enjoying exploring bits of it that I haven't been able to get into before, so I am a wee bit torn. However, my MH is getting really excited and she will soon be able to get a shower again. Yippee!

I didn't do very much as I was quite tired. I think I overdid it a bit yesterday so in a way I am quite happy I had an excuse for staying in and I had lots of seats on my MH's knee which always makes us both happy.

I did get a wee surprise though when one of the little lambs I met yesterday passed my window when I was sitting on the window sill and it was with its mummy sheep, but it stopped when it saw me and it said 'baaaaa' and I gave it a big purr and even the mummy sheep looked happy to see me, so maybe I will try and go into the field again. If you look behind me in this picture, you might see the wee black baby sheep and I think that one might become my bestest friend this year.

As I told you, I was a bit tired today and I am afraid I have developed a cheeky habit of pinching my MH's seat. She always sits at one side of my couch and I sit at the other, but just lately I have taken to moving over to her side as soon as she gets up and she has called me a cheeky monkey, but she still loves me.

This picture show me sound asleep on her side of the couch and I think it suits me, don't you?

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