Wednesday, 11 March 2015


It happened again. The wind changed all our plans and didn't let us do what we needed to do. My humans were not happy.

Picture the scene. Me and humans sound asleep and snoring beautifully. My MH says that my snoring brings a tear to her eye 'cos it makes me look and sound so innocent and vulnerable. Bless. Anyway, me and humans snoring OK? Alarm goes off and DH springs out of bed. MH grunts and goes back to sleep for a wee while. Everything fine so far. The wind is howling and it is raining so me and my MH are definitely in the best place, all snuggled up and cosy together. DH switches on his phone and gets a text message saying that because the wind is being naughty, the boat is not coming to my little island. Oh dear. All the plans are not working.

My DH couldn't get to the Cat Shop again and my MH had to tell the minister she couldn't come and then we all settled down to do little things in my house that we didn't think we could do. It turned out OK in the end, but I knew my humans were disappointed and so I spent a lot of the morning doing silly things and running all over my house to make them laugh. And it always works.

Me and my MH are still doing our exercises and she is getting really good at them and me and my DH are still doing our jigsaw and I will soon be able to show you a picture of it 'cos he reckons it will be finished by the weekend and then he is going to put sticky stuff on the back and make it into a picture for my MH and me and her can look at all the pussy cats in it and we will like that.

I did go out a few times but just for a wee while and I am now snoozing beautifully on the couch, but I don't know if I am snoring 'cos I don't hear too well when I am sleeping, but I shall ask my MH when I waken up and then no doubt I shall go out to play for a while.

It doesn't matter what the wind is doing. This intrepid little puss is not afraid of anything!

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