Wednesday, 25 March 2015

All Done

My bathroom is all finished! The workmen went away at dinner time 'cos their work was all done and my bathroom is looking lovely, although my humans have still a lot of work to do but with my help, it won't take them too long. It's just a wee bit of tidying up and cleaning and washing and wallpapering. And then after dinner.....! Hee hee.

My MH was out for a wee while too 'cos the minister was on my island and the old dear was so happy 'cos she was driving her little car and she was able to go out without her sticks, so she is right back to normal now. AND, tonight she can have a shower in her own house. So now you know why she is a very happy MH.

Me and her had a very good afternoon and I was a wee bit clingy because I have been a wee bit out of sorts with all the upset and noise in my house. Normally my house is a quiet place, but since Monday it has been very noisy and very dusty with lots going on and not much time for me but this afternoon my MH started to make up for it and gave me lots of cuddles which I liked.

We got a big surprise this afternoon as we were looking out of the window 'cos one of the mummy sheeps had a baby right there and I saw it coming out and I liked it and I didn't faint. I think I am getting stronger. It was a little white sheep after the mummy had cleaned it and then it had a feed and when it was eating, its little tail was going even faster than mine and we all smiled. It was lovely. There are lots of baby lambs and lots of ladies in waiting in the field in front of my house so I might see more little babies being borned. I hope so. I am going to have lots and lots of little sheeps to play with soon but I think me and my humans will be in bed very early tonight 'cos we are all quite tired.

But we are all very happy and I hope you are too.

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