Saturday, 14 March 2015

And Again

I am still happy. Well, to let you understand. I am always happy and my MH is sure that I will need to get a purrer transplant sometime 'cos this one works so hard it won't last forever! Anyway, as I said, I am always happy but sometimes I am happier that others and today was one of those days.

I wakened up and listened. That's what I always to 'cos I need to know if the wind is shouting or if it is just whispering and today was a whisper day, so I knew I was going to be outside a lot. I waited for a minute or two and when my MH got up she fed me and then opened the window and I was off! First of all into the field in front of my house to have a wee word with the sheeps and then round to the other side to see if there were any mouses about, but I think most of them are still sleeping. I wish the summer would hurry up so that they would all waken up again.

Anyway, I had lots of fun and a few times my DH came out to do some of his things and I played with him before I went back inside to see my MH and help her with her exercises. She didn't have any housework to do so she had plenty of time to play with me or just cuddle me and of course that sent my little purrer into overdrive again. Hee hee We had a wee walk up and down my garden path but the old dear was a bit cold, so I took her inside and sat on her knee to warm her up again and that made her very happy, as you can imagine.

I got a great big surprise this afternoon when my friend S. came to see me and as she had a new coat on, I had a lot of sniffing to do. I was glad to see her and so were my humans 'cos she brought them lots of goodies from the town so we were all very happy to see her. But then, we always are.

I am now having my after dinner snooze, and then I shall gather up all my energy and head outside into the dark to see who is out there waiting for me, and maybe my little purrer will work some more.

Who knows?

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