Friday, 20 March 2015

Another Super Duper Day

First of all, we all watched the clips of the sun. I'm not sure what it was or what it is called but my humans were watching the sun for a long time and I helped them. At one point my MH was watching from the spare room window and I went in to see her there and it was there that I found out where my DH had put the ladder which I had lost.

I hadn't really lost it as such, but when I went into the big cupboard where it usually stays, it wasn't there any more and I didn't know where it was. Until today. I ran into the spare bedroom and there it was! Oh yippee. So. Just to make sure it was MY ladder, I ran up to the top and sat there for a long, long time and my humans just laughed.

My day just got a lot better when two men came to my house and while my DH was away picking them up from pier my MH told me that these were the men who were coming to work in my bathroom and for some reasons known only to themselves my humans are getting the bath taken away. Maybe they think they are clean enough without it. I really don't know, but these men have something to do with it, so I decided that I might not like them, but oh dear me, I was very wrong 'cos they were lovely and one in particular thought I was wonderful. So, I was completely hooked! He cuddled me and stroked me and smiled as I rubbed my adorable little chin on his sleeve---millions of times which made all the humans smile.

They only stayed in my house for a little while but they told me they were coming back on Monday to do all their work, so I shall finally get to know what is happening. And as soon as I know, so will you.

I am now having a snooze on my MH's lap and lap top while she is writing this for me, and then I shall have a play outside before I take up my position on her knee while we watch the Musketeers.

So, my day started good, had a good middle and will finish good. A good day methinks!

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