Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Bits and Pieces

That's what my day has been. Full of little bits and pieces of good stuff and I have had another very happy day. Both my humans have been at home with me and we have had lots of time together just working a wee bit and playing a big bit.

My garden is very wet just now so my MH can just walk up and down my path so I go with her to make sure she doesn't get lost and she talks to me all the time we are walking, but I heard her telling my DH that she might start going into her little gym for a walk on the treadmill, so naturally, yours truly will be going with her to see that she is OK. We haven't been in there for a long time so I am getting a wee bit excited at the thought of all the new smells I might find. I shall tell you all about it whenever we go.

I hope you like today's picture. It is me modelling the new fashion for puss cats on my little island! Hee hee That was just a wee fib. It was really me being a little bit naughty today while my MH was fixing some of her pills for the week and when she tooked them out of the bag, I nipped inside. You all know how I love being inside carrier bags, but my MH is always watching me to make sure I am having a fun time and that I am safe, so don't worry about me.

I think I look even cuter that normal, don't you?

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