Friday, 6 March 2015

It's Friday

And I like Fridays. It us usually a lazy day in my house 'cos my MH has finished all her housework and she gets ready for the weekend, so Friday in my house is a good day and night time is brilliant 'cos we all watch the Musketeers which we all love. In fact, I love it SO much that I play it outside with two of my little mouse friends. I can't find any more to play with me but the three of us are fine. Our 'Mouseketeers' names are Harmless, Pothole and I am the Dark-Cat-Yin. Brilliant, is it not? We just have fantastic fun and I am sure that when some of the other mouses waken up from their winter sleep, they will want to play too. I can hardly wait.

I nearly caused an accident to my dear old MH this morning and because I didn't, it was quite funny and she did laugh---eventually! Explain? OK.
We wakened up and my MH got all clean and then came back into the bedroom to get dressed and I just sat on my bed patiently waiting 'cos the first thing she does when she is all ready is clean my dinner dish and fill it up 'cos by morning time I am a hungry, hungry puss and the old dear knows that. Well, she was just about finished, but when she stood up she nearly fell over 'cos there was a certain little animal hanging on to the cord of her fleece making it just a little bit heavy and as it was just a tad unexpected my MH nearly fell on the floor. Oops! Can you guess who it was? Aw, you always know it was me, sure you do?

I have had just a normal afternoon but I did have rather good fun playing with my little ball and some of my other toys and it was really good fun. I am so happy to have found it again and I think it is a happy little ball too.

Trust me, I know these things!!

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