Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Lots of Excitement

Although it was much later on in my day when I finally got my act together and started doing lots of funny things that had my humans laughing out loud. Let me explain.

My DH sprang out of bed as soon as the alarm went off and got himself ready to go to the Cat Shop and when the time was right, me and my MH got up and had a wee talk to him before he went away on the boat then we did a wee bit of housework and our exercises, but in between times, we had a seat and a cuddle on my couch. I had lots of sleeps --- some on my bed and some on the back of my couch --- and I was there when one of my MH's friends brought a big parcel from the boat and she came in and we all had a chat. There were lots of birdies at our feeder and my MH told my friend that I was such a good puss 'cos I never chased them. She did spoil it a wee bit when she said that I knew the birdies were too quick for me, but then that just shows how clever I am, sure it does?

In the afternoon, we started doing our jig saw and I am going to like it 'cos it is all about pussy cats and there are MILLIONS of them, and not one nearly as adorable as me. Naturally! I was a very good puss and stayed off the big board that all the bits were on, but I shall have a closer look later.

We worked at this until it was time for my DH to come home again and I suddenly wakened up and discovered I was full of energy. Like, absolutely FULL! I very politely asked my MH to play with me and she got her grabber and then got one of my toys and played with me for a while and I liked it. At one point I decided to let them see how fast I could run, so I dived off the chair, raced along the back of the couch, jumped onto my DH's chair, bounced off that and back across the couch again before I jumped off that and raced across the floor. Oh, did I mention that my DH was sitting on his chair at the time! Ooops. The old dear was nearly lying on the floor she was laughing so hard.

Me and my DH went round to our greenhouse for a wee while and I demonstrated another death-defying stunt which had him shaking his head in disbelief and he couldn't wait to get back inside to tell the Boss what her adorable Squeak had done. Do you want to know? Of course you do. I ran across the grass which was quite hard in itself 'cos it is quite splodgy 'cos it's wet, but my adorable little feets were going at a trillion miles an hour and then I spied the clothes pole! Yippee. I hardly drew breath and in two leaps I was at the top and then one HUGE leap saw me back on the ground again. I never stopped. I was awesome.

Oh my dear friends I was superb. I must find out if there are Olympics for puss cats 'cos I would certainly win the clothes pole climbing event. No bother!

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