Sunday, 15 March 2015

My Sunday

My Sunday has been a good one and so far I have liked every bit of it. Me and my MH were up very early and she noticed that there was a lovely crescent moon up in the sky so we stood and looked out of the kitchen window for a while. She did think of trying to take a photograph for you, but she was a wee bit too tired, so she didn't which was a shame.

We had another sleep and then when it was time to get up, I got my breakfast and then the first thing she did was to open the window so that I could go out whenever I wanted to, but I took my time and sat on my window sill and thought about what I wanted to do with my day. My MH decided that she was going to change the sheets and the duvet covers and that was the signal for Squeak's play time, and my poor old DH was in fits of the giggles at me. You see, normally it is just me and my MH who does this job, but today my DH wanted to help the old dear and he was in fits as I slid up and down the bed as he was pulling the sheets off and then he didn't know where I had gone when I was exploring the inside of the duvet cover, but my MH knew and she just smiled and didn't tell him. Oh we had brilliant fun and I think my DH will want to help us the next time we change the beds.

I went outside with my DH 'cos he had some work to do in our greenhouse and he told me that it will soon be time to get it all clean and set up for our plants and I like that 'cos I get to help him lots and of course, I always get a plant of my very own to look after. I will show you lots of pictures when we are ready.

My MH was very happy this afternoon 'cos her and my friend M. went out for a while and my MH tooked her little car with her and that is the first time she has driven her little motor since she got her new hip and she was very happy when she came home 'cos it means she is getting a lot better and that makes us all very happy.

I sat with her for a while as she told me where she had been and what she had done and then I played with my little treat ball which I just love and before I knew it, it was dinner time, so I had a good feed and then nipped outside to have a wee word with the sheeps and I played for a while with Mr. Ram as he is my special friend.

I am now sleeping and saving up all my energy for my final trips outside later on. So, that is my Sunday, and now you might understand why it was a good one and it is still not finished. I hope yours has been a good one too.

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