Thursday, 26 March 2015

Nearly Normal

That's what my day was, and I must say I liked it being back to normal--almost. First of all we didn't get up as early as we had been doing although I must say I did have a chuckle last night as my poor old humans crept into their bed and were asleep before eleven o'clock---just as I was getting ready to go out to play! Oh boy, they were tired and I felt a wee bit sorry for them, but I had a wee biscuit and it passed! Hee hee

Anyway, this morning we were all working in the bathroom as my MH was cleaning and my DH was putting up all the bits that needed putting up and I was watching so you can see we were all very busy.

So, apart from that, I don't have any more news for you, but I just want you to know that I am very well especially now that my house is a bit quieter. I was just a bit annoyed that every time I went outside I got wet, but it was worth it too 'cos when I came back in, my MH cuddled me dry and told me she loved me.

That bit is my favouritist bit as you all know.

There are more and more baby lambs being born in the field and every time I go out there is a new wee friend for me but my MH has been a bit busy so she didn't take any pictures, but maybe she will have some for you tomorrow. Especially if I ask her very nicely.

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