Thursday, 19 March 2015

No Accidents Today

I have had another very good day today with no mishaps at all so that has been very fine. We were all up quite early and it was another quite good day weathher-wise so I went out to play as soon as I had gobbled up my breakfast. I went looking for Mr. Ram to apologise to him for my DH's very bad behaviour last night, but I couldn't find him 'cos I think he has maybe gone to another field to play, but I will keep looking and I will find him sometime.

I helped my MH with some of her work and I watched her doing her vacuuming from the back of the couch so that every time she passed me she could tickle my little lugs and she passed lots of times, so my adorable little ears have been well and truly tickled. When she didn't need me any more I helped my DH in our greenhouse and then as a special treat I got some real stew when he was making the dinner and I ate it all up 'cos it was really good.

I was just about to settle down on my little bed for a nap when I heard my MH calling for me and we both went out into the garden again for a play and it was then that I got a lovely surprise. When the old dear had been looking out of the window, she saw two brand new black baby lambs and she wanted to take me outside to see them and she was going to take some pictures for you. I was so excited 'cos they are lovely and when they are a wee bit older, I will be able to play with them but just now they are staying very close to their mummy sheep.

Oh I can hardly wait for them to grow up and play with me. I love this time on my little island 'cos from now on there will be lots and lots of new baby sheeps and baby cows for me to get to know and it is such good fun.

No doubt there will be lots and lots of pictures for you.

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