Monday, 23 March 2015

Puzzled Puss

So, the alarm went off really early this morning and I thought that my humans were going to the town for shopping, but I was wrong. My DH went away to the pier and my MH stayed with me until he came back with the two men who came to see me last week and they brought MILLIONS of tools with them and put them all down in my kitchen. Boy, what a mess they made.

Then they headed into my bathroom and tore it all to bits and threw stuff into my garden. I thought my MH would have been a bit annoyed, but she seemed very happy with it. Well, she wasn't all that happy with all the grey dust that filled my whole house and the noise that all the drilling was making but she knew it would be worth it in the end. I still haven't decided.

I didn't have a very good day 'cos every where I went there was noise and mess and even when I tried to sit on my MH's knee the noise still annoyed my adorable little lugs, but then every now and then the men would stop and then they came and talked to me so that helped a wee bit.They are coming back tomorrow but I think it might be a wee bit quieter. I hope.

When they finally stopped, my DH tooked them to the boat and me and my MH just sat on my couch and enjoyed the quiet, but it was just for a short time 'cos then the old dear had to start cleaning the kitchen before she could make our dinner 'cos none of us wanted to eat grey dust. Hee hee

However, I have finally found out what is happening. For some reason my humans have decided to get the bath taken away and a shower put in instead and that's what the men are doing. See?

I will be very happy when it is all finished.

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