Sunday, 8 March 2015

Two Surprises

It has been a day of surprises in my house so you will know it is a happy house. It is usually a happy house and that's 'cos I am in it, but today my dear old MH in particular was very happy. I need to stop rambling now and tell you all about it, sure I do?

OK, here goes. You all know that my MH hasn't been able to get a shower 'cos ours is over the bath and she hasn't to lift her new hip into the bath for a while yet, so she has been a bit unhappy and although my friend M. has said she can go to her house, the weather hasn't been good enough for that, but today was much better and so my DH took the Boss and her soap and shampoo and all the other stuff she needed and off they went to M.'s house and when my MH comed back to me, she was all squeaky clean and shiny, and very happy. So that was her surprise.

We had a sit on my couch and then we all had a play together and my DH has got the job of lying down on the floor with me until my MH is right back to normal again and then she can do it, but to be honest, dear friends, I think my DH is liking it so much he won't stop. I hope not, 'cos I am liking it too. And I have enough energy to tire them both out, as you know. Hee hee

As I was just settling down on my MH's knee to watch the tennis, I heard my friend S. coming in my door and she had some cake for my humans and some Dreamies for her favourite pussy cat. Sorry, Button, that might be a wee bit of an exaggeration on my part---but just a little bit 'cos my friend loves me loads and that's why she brought me some treats for my adorable little tummy and my adorable little tummy liked them very much, so thank you millions S.

When she went away, me and my MH did some more exercises and then we watched Andy Murray as he won his tennis match and that made us happy too and now we are all settled down for the night to watch my television and we will just have a lovely quiet night together and I hope you have a good night too.

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