Thursday, 30 April 2015

A no news day

That's what today has been. A good day, but a day with no news for you at all. Both my humans were at home with me and that is always good. My DH was still working in our greenhouse getting all his plants ready and of course he needed my help, so I wandered in and out of our greenhouse with him while my MH was playing with her vacuum cleaner and her dusters. I still don't like that machine, but if it keeps the old dear happy, then I am OK with that.

I think I am becoming quite a clever little puss 'cos every time I went into my house, my MH was having a rest and so I was able to sit on her knee while she stroked my adorable little lugs and talked to me. I was just a teeny bit naughty today when she was making some more of her friendship bracelets, but I think it was just high jinks on my part and not badness at all. How could this adorable little Squeak ever be bad or naughty? Anyway, I suppose you will want to know what I was doing.

Well, when she is doing her bracelets she has to put all the threads on the table so that she can measure them and then cut sixteen bits all the same size. This means she has to concentrate and she was thinking so hard that she didn't see me sneak up onto the seat of the chair that sits under the table and every time a bit of thread just happened to come my way I tried to catch it and the first time I did that, my poor old MH got a bit of a fright, but after that she called me a monkey and told me not to be naughty. Did I listen? Of course I did. Did I do what she told me. NO!!

Eventually I got a bit fed up and wandered into my kitchen where I noticed the sun was shining on another one of my chairs, so I sat there and was lovely and cosy and I think I must have nodded off for a while 'cos the next thing I knew was that my MH was on her way out for a while and she didn't take me with her. This annoyed me for a second but then I just settled down on the couch and had another sleep until she came back and cuddled me as she told me where she had been.

I took her round to the greenhouse to show her what we had been doing and she said she would take some pictures for you when me and my DH decide it is all ready. I think that might be quite soon. It just depends on how quickly the old boy works.

I might need to push him a wee bit, but we'll see. :-))

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