Saturday, 11 April 2015

A Super Saturday

For the first day for as long as I can remember, my humans were not working in my house and I for one was delighted! I know they have to work hard to keep the place clean and tidy for yours truly, but I was in danger of being neglected and it was making me rather cross, but it all stopped just in time and normal service is well and truly restored! Phew.

In order to show my appreciation of all they had done, I decided to stay in my house for a long time this morning and I sat on my MH's knee and let her stroke me and talk to me and it was just lovely. My DH was making the dinner and I got a wee bit of meat from him and I gobbled it all up which made him smile and I think I even felt my adorable little tummy smile when the meat got there. Either that or I have wind!

I was still playing with one of my bits of string as well as my little mouse so I have been getting rid of lots of my energy, but I am afraid I have developed a rather annoying habit which is making my poor old MH just a tad not too happy with me. Shall I explain? OK Here goes.

My living room has two windows in it and usually I go out the same window all the time which is the right hand side one. Sometimes, if it is cold, I just run round the house and then come back to the window and ask to be let in again, but recently I have been asking to go out the left hand window and just run outside to the other window so that by the time my MH has reached the couch, I am banging on the window to get back in again. She doesn't know why I even go out when I am in so quickly and I ain't telling!

Probably when the weather gets better I will stay out much longer, but as it is still a bit cold for me I am quite content with lots of short trips into my garden. And as there are no baby cows yet and the sheeps are all away in another field, I have more company inside with my humans, so that is the best place to be. See?

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