Saturday, 18 April 2015

Another Brilliant

I have had another super day 'cos I have been outside all the time with my humans. The weather has been brilliant and so they decided that they would clean out the gym so that my MH could let her little legs do their exercises again, so there was lots and lots for me to do.

I went into the gym with them and I sniffed at places I had never sniffed before while my MH was playing with her big brush and my DH was taking lots of stuff away to burn so there was lots of room for me.

I had a little chat with the Daisys but as I was very busy, I decided that I would spend more time with them when I go out just before bedtime. My DH has a big storage shed way down our path and he was putting lots of things in there and as I have never been inside that either, I had a brilliant time. I love exploring new places.

I rolled in the grass for a while and just rested in the warm sun and then I noticed that all my little garden friends were coming out again. They go away into the gym for the winter so that they don't blow away, but when it is summer, they come back out again to see me. And I just love it.

There are lots of little ornaments in the garden outside my kitchen and some outside my living room and that's where the fountain jug is. I heard the old boy tell the Boss that he was going to put that up tomorrow, so I am really looking forward to that. I like to get a drink from it so no doubt you will be seeing some pictures of me at the fountain.

The old draw back was that I heard my MH saying she might take the lawn mower out tomorrow so I guess there is always one wee cloud on my otherwise perfect horizon!


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