Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Back to Normal

Remember I told you that I wasn't my normal bouncy and adorable little self yesterday and that my dear old MH was worried about me? Well, she wakened up this morning when she heard a funny scratchy kind of noise and when her wee eyes managed to get open, there was me trying to get inside the little bag where she keeps all her chargers for all her gadgets! I had seen a wee end which I thought might taste good, but it wouldn't come out to me so I was trying to persuade it, but I just wakened my MH instead. She was so happy to see the cheeky Squeak back that she wasn't even angry! But then, she never is with me, is she?

I am feeling very fit today and I was out playing in my garden as soon as I had scoffed my dinner and then I just came back in time to get the last wee drop of the old dear's milk. Superb!! I got a very pleasant surprise this morning 'cos my humans didn't do any work and just sat and chatted for a while and I had my pick of knees, so I went and sat with my DH for a long time and it makes him very happy 'cos I usually sit with my MH but I really should give him more of my attention. It is too late to make a New Year resolution?

Anyway, he went away to the boat and came home with two visitors to my house. A man that I knew and a lady I had never met before and she thought I was beautiful! Another fan. Oh joy! Me and my MH took the lady in to see our little gym and she liked it a lot but she didn't go on the treadmill so my MH showed her what to do and she liked that. We had a lovely day and I had the choice of four knees to sit on, so I have had a very good day indeed and my MH is much happier today knowing that I am right back to normal.

I am sure you will all be happy too!

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