Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Ho Hum

Every morning I wake up and I spring out of my bed to look out of the window hoping to see the sun smiling at me, but these past few mornings I have just seen the snow on my windows, so I just have a nibble at my biscuits and spring back into bed again until it is time for my humans to get up.

I am not the happiest of Squeaks just now because it is so cold on my little island. I still go out, but I don't stay out long at all although at one point this afternoon I thought I would never get home again and of course I shall tell you what happened.

It was just us girls at home today as my DH had to go to Kirkwall to buy all the stuff he needs to finish the bathroom and I decided that I needed some fresh air, so I asked --very politely---to be let out and my MH opened the window and oft I went, but just as I was enjoying my exploration the hail came on. Oh my dear friends, it was bouncing all over my adorable little body and it was SORE! I was too far away from the window, so I flew as fast as I possibly could and did a dive under one of my pampas grasses that Tom Dailey would have been proud of! I had to sit there sheltering for a long, long time and when I eventually did get back in, my MH told me she was very worried about me but we gave one another a cuddle and made it all better.

I think I will be doing lots of little short trips outside as long as it stays cold, but I am still hoping that the sun will come out to play soon. Today's picture is of yours truly on one of my little rugs. I have been making my humans laugh a lot just now 'cos every time I decide to go for a nap, I choose a different place and my MH has to hunt the whole house looking for me and she said it is just like playing hide and seek, but she always finds me.

Thank goodness!

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