Sunday, 19 April 2015

Lazy Puss

Well, sort of lazy. I haven't exactly been doing nothing, but I haven't done very much. I like lazy Sundays and we all worked so hard yesterday that we needed a rest today, so me and my humans have been going very slowly.

I sat with my MH on my couch for a while this morning and then my DH wasn't very happy 'cos his football team didn't win so he decided to go and do some work and my MH asked me if I would like to go a walk with her. The weather was good although a wee bit cold, but she decided it would be better if we got some fresh air rather than go into the gym and I agreed with her. So off we went.

We went out of my gate and I waved to the Daisys and I noticed there were more lady cows there, but I don't think they are all called Daisy. I shall find out tonight and you will be the first to know. Well, you won't really, 'cos the lady cows know, then I know and then my MH has to know 'cos it is her that writes this for me, but you will eventually get to know. OK?

We wandered down the lane and we could hear the birdies singing and it was good and I found some disgusting things to roll in until the Boss yelled at me, but by then I was finished anyway!

When we were going back to my house, I ran all the way in front of her and I did some simply magnificent zig-zag runs and with each zig--or was it a zag?-- I made one of my little squeaking noises which always makes my MH smile, and then I scooted into my garden and shot straight through the fence, as you can see.

It was a smashing time and I liked it. So now I am snoozing and then I shall devour my dinner and go and have a chat to the Daisys and the other ladies and I shall be back in time for Poldark 'cos he is beautiful. I am sure my MH purrs even louder that me when he is in my television.

Good job my DH isn't listening. Sure it is?

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