Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sleepy Sunday

We have all had a very lazy day today and we have all liked it very much. My humans have been working quite hard for a long time so it is good that the work is all finished and that they can have a rest. It is also very good that now they have lots more time for me because although I didn't get completely ignored, I didn't get as many cuddles as usual and definitely not as many as I wanted, but normal service had been well and truly restored.

I must tell you about a very special time that me and my MH had in the middle of the night. She needed to get up and it was still dark so it was sleeping time but hen she came back to bed she decided that we would have a wee chat before she went to sleep again. I snuggled in beside her as close, as close as I could possibly get, In fact, it took me quite a few trips round the bed before I finally found the right spot and I lay down and let my MH cuddle me. She talked to me for a while in a wee whisper 'cos she didn't want to waken my DH who was snoring away quite happily and I guess she could have been singing with her guitar and he wouldn't have wakened! But it was nice to have a whisper as it made it feel special and my MH told me she loved me millions and I was so, so happy. Oh, I loved it and I hope she does it again---soon!

Today is a special day for my friend S. 'cos it is her birthday. She didn't come to see me but my MH tooked her a birthday card and before she stucked down the envelope, I purred into it and she gave it to S. It is a kind of pussy cat version of 'Happy Birthday' and I hope she likes it.

So, that has been my day. Not very exciting but a very good one just the same and I have been happy and I hope you have been happy too.

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