Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Even though there is snow and hail on my little island, my humans told me it is Spring time and I know that when I see all the little baby sheeps, but it is still very cold, so although I do go outside to play, I still don't stay out too long. Both my humans were at home today so while my MH was cleaning the bedrooms, me and my DH were working in our greenhouse and it was there I spied a great big flower pot and I got a wee bit excited because I know it is quite naughty of me, but I use the flower pots for something that I shouldn't use the flower pots for. I don't think I need to spell it out for you, do I? I hope not 'cos I think I might blush if I had to.

Anyway, my MH decided to take her little legs into the gym and I went and played with her and when we were finished, I ran round to see what my DH was doing with my toilet, er I mean his flower pot, oops! I was not best pleased when I saw what he had done 'cos he had put some lovely wee flowers in it, but he put a green cage over the top so that I couldn't get into it. Not a happy Squeak! However, I am intrepid. I am clever. I shall not be beaten and if I want to get into it, then I SHALL get into it! Maybe my MH will put a picture on tomorrow for you. I shall ask.

I'm afraid I am being a little bit naughty in my house as well today 'cos every time my MH gets up from her seat, I very quickly nip into it and she has to lift me off when she wants to sit down again. At least she hasn't put a great big green cage round it! Sigh

Apart from all that, I have had a very good day just doing all my normal things. Some by myself and some with my humans and I even managed to go and see the Daisys who are both very well and happy that I go and see them. There are lots of little lambs in the fields beside my house so I will be visiting them later on tonight. I just love the night times now 'cos it stays light till very late and I can stay out as long as I want although I do go home quite early as it is still a tad on the chilly side for this adorable little Squeak.

I asked my MH when it was going to get warm, but she didn't know either. I hope it will be soon 'cos I just love being warm. That's why I keep pinching my MH's seat when she gets up, but don't tell her. That will just be our little secret, eh?

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