Friday, 24 April 2015

String Day

It's Friday again and as you all know, Friday is string day and very happy Squeak day! My humans had to go out for a while 'cos the minister was over on my little island and my MH had to go and see her, so my DH decided to go to Kirkwall for a wee while leaving yours truly all alone. It was fine though 'cos the window was left open for me and I could go out if I wanted, but I was a bit sleepy so I decided to have a napette till my MH came home to me.

As soon as I heard her coming in, I ran to the door to see her and she lifted me up for a cuddle and then I had a rest in her guitar case when she was putting the guitar away. The case is all lined with fur and it is lovely and soft to lie on. It is nearly as good as the big furry dressing gown---nearly, but not quite.

A while later my friend M. came to bring our boxes and while my MH was putting away all the things I played with the string and I had great fun skidding all over my kitchen floor while she watched me and laughed lots and lots.

When the string was too tired to play any more, I left it in a corner and I toddled into the field to have a chat with the Daisys and they were very happy to see me and I am sure I saw them smiling when I told them about my bits of string. Maybe I will take some with me the next time I go to see them. I am quite good at carrying things around 'cos I do it lots in my house, but it is quite far away where the Daisys are and I would hate to lose my bit of string.

I shall now have another nap while I consider the best thing to do.

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