Monday, 13 April 2015


...although the weather was not completely to my liking, I still managed to go out for a couple of play times while my MH was playing with her vacuum cleaner.

Those of you who know me will know that Monday chez Squeak is cleaning day and unless I want polished, dusted or hoovered, I have got to keep on the move and the safest place is generally in my greenhouse with my DH but being Monday, he was away to the Cat Shop and the greenhouse was all shut up, so I just took my rest in the pampas grass until I heard silence in my house and I knew it was safe to go in.

While I was out, I had a quick word with my lady cow friends but I still haven't asked if there are any little baby cows due soon. It just didn't seem the right time, but I will. I had a good wee play in the field, but as I was feeling a tad cold I decided to go home and ask my MH for a cuddle and as usual, she was only too happy to oblige.

Me and the old dear sat on my couch for a long time and then she decided that she needed some fresh air and would I like to go outside with her? Well, although I wasn't too fussed, I knew she would be very disappointed if I didn't go with her, so oft we both went, but oh my dear friends, it was very cold so I stuck my adorable little nose outside the door and then scooted back inside again, making my MH laugh at me. Mind you, she didn't stay out much longer either! I did hear her telling my friend S. that she is going to take her little legs into her gym tomorrow, so I shall go there and help her---I think!

I still had a lot of energy left so I did one of what my MH calls my 'daft runs' which means I want to play and I disappeared at break-neck speed into my bedroom and the old dear came in after me, but a lot slower that me! We played for a long time and she wrapped me up in my blanket and then pretended she couldn't see me, but I knew she could and I wagged my little tail for her to prove I was there.

Oh we did have such good fun and we told my DH all about it when he came back home again and it made him smile too.

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