Sunday, 31 May 2015


.....I think my little weather man friend must have been busy 'cos he didn't hear me when I asked him to keep my weather good and today has been horrible again and I have got wet lots and lots of times. Sigh!

I was a disappointed little puss 'cos I was looking forward to me and my humans being outside again all day, but instead I have had to go out all by myself while my humans stayed inside although the Boss sent my DH out to post her letter and he got all wet too. He was all wrapped up though so he didn't really mind.

We had a couple of visitors to my house last night and I'm afraid I was just a tad naughty 'cos I refused to get off the chair to let one of them sit down and although he said it was OK, my MH lifted me off and I wasn't best pleased 'cos I was so warm and cosy sitting there. But I just nipped onto my MH's knee and sat there until they got up to go home and it was then that I made them all laugh 'cos as soon as M. stood up from 'my' chair, I was back on it like a flash of lightning! And this time I was NOT getting up again.

When they went away, my humans noticed that the sky was beautiful as the sun was setting and they tooked this picture for you and then my MH tooked this one of me on one of my favourite places in my house. I love sitting on the window sill especially when there are sheeps or cows in the field and as you can see, there is a cow in there now. I had a wee word with her last night and I think she will be my friend if the nice farmer next door leaves her there.

I don't know if there will be a nice sky tonight or if I will be going out too much 'cos it is raining just now and the wind is blowing a bit, but maybe I will be very brave and go and see all my cow friends before I settle down for the night. I am going to be on my own tomorrow 'cos my DH is going to the Cat Shop and my MH is taking her new hip to the hospital so that the doctor can see how well it is getting on.

So, that means that I won't have very much news for you tomorrow. Maybe I shall just pretend.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Happy, Happy Squeak

Oh thank you my little weather man friend. Last night when he was on my television, I asked my little weather man friend if I could please have a warm, sunny day today 'cos I so wanted to spend a whole day outside, and guess what he did? He heard me and he made the weather good for me, so I am a very happy little puss and a very grateful one too.

As soon as I saw that it was a sunny day and it was not windy or wet, I asked my MH to let me out please as soon as she got up. She did that and left my dinner on my little plate so I could get it whenever I dived in through my window. She knows I get very excited when the weather is good 'cos it means that I can play outside as long as I want and that makes for one very happy pussy cat.

The door and the windows were all open today so I could get in anywhere in my house and I spent a lot of time just lying on the path listening to the birdies, but then I got a surprise 'cos the nice farmer next door brought a mummy cow with her baby into the field in front of my house. So I shall have to go and introduce myself tonight if the mummy cow doesn't mind. It is a very young baby so I will need to be careful that the mummy cow doesn't chase me.

I didn't even get annoyed when my MH decided to cut our grass 'cos when she uses her new lawn mower it doesn't take her too long and I just followed her round my garden and watched her and then when she was finished, she came and sat with me on the bench and we were there for a long time just having a rest and a wee chat as we listened to the birdies. She put some water out for them and I checked it to make sure it was just right for them and that made the old dear smile.

We had a very good afternoon and my DH was out a lot of times with us too and he laughed at me when I was rolling on my grass 'cos I was getting into some funny shapes and that was just because I was a very happy little Squeak.

If my little weather man friend is back on my television again tonight I am going to ask him for another good day tomorrow. I don't want to be too greedy
but I just love being able to be outside all day, and, if I have anything to do with it, I shall be out for most of tonight too!

Friday, 29 May 2015

Happy Day

I did it again this morning. As soon as we got up, I flew out of the door even before I had anything to eat and disappeared for a long time. My MH still doesn't know what I was doing and I just love being a secretive puss. It gives one an air of mystery, does it not?

It has been a funny day for weather. One minute the sun is shining and it is quite warm and I am outside rolling on the nice grass and the next minute it is pouring with rain and I am banging on the window to be let in again. Oh joy!

I am afraid I am upsetting my DH at night. I don't mean to of course and I didn't know I was doing it until I heard him telling my MH all about it. I shall explain. When it is bedtime, my MH goes to bed earlier that my DH and I go with her and sit with her while she reads but as soon as she puts her light out, I nip through to the other room and sit with the old boy for a wee while. When I think he is OK I ask him to please let me out. And therein lies the problem.

You see, I thought I was asking politely but apparently the old boy thought I was shouting at him and I have to admit, I may have stamped my adorable little paws perhaps just a few times too often. Sorry, DH. I shall try and be a bit more patient tonight.

We have a new boat on our little island while the normal boat is away to the boat doctor and my humans are just hoping that they will be able to get on and off it easily. Especially my MH 'cos she just has little legs, but she is going to Kirkwall on Monday so I shall be able to tell you then.

The sun is shining again so once I have finished this very peaceful nap I shall probably go out a-hunting again until the next heavy shower comes on. At least all this running in and out keeps me a very fit little Squeak.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Another no news day

.... but it has been a good day just the same. I have been making my MH wonder what I I have been getting up to when I go outside 'cos this morning I did the very same as I did yesterday and raced out of the door as soon as the old dear got up. I didn't even wait for my breakfast! I heard her telling my DH that she wanted to follow me but I scooted away too quickly for her. Then she said she was going to put a camera on me so that she could see what I was doing, but I am not at all in favour of that idea. After all, a puss needs her privacy, does she not?

I was out for quite a long time. In fact, I timed it almost perfectly 'cos just as I was knocking on the window to get in, my MH was putting the vacuum cleaner away and was just playing with some of her dusters and that doesn't upset me at all. So I reckon I could not have timed it any better and I was so, so hungry! I gobbled up my food so quickly that there was steam coming from my dish and then of course I got the hiccups and that made my humans smile but then my MH lifted me up and rubbed my adorable little tummy and that made some of my dinner shift inside me and the hiccups stopped. How does she know to do that, I wonder? I don't really care, but it helped a lot.

The rest of my day was a bit more relaxed with a few short trips outside and lots of snoozes on my couch while I watched my humans doing all the things that they needed to do, but every now and then, my MH would stop and talk to me and I just purred back at her and that made us both very happy. So no news, but lots of contentment.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Quite a good day

I can't really complain about my day because it has been quite a good one although I was left on my own for the afternoon and being on my own is definitely not what I like.

My MH spent a lot of time with me this morning 'cos she didn't have anything to do and because she wanted to make up for the fact that she was leaving me all alone. She hates going away from me, but she couldn't take me with her and it was OK 'cos my little weather man friend must have heard me and he made my weather not too bad so that she could leave the window open for me. That meant that I could nip in and out if I wanted to and I did go out to play but just for a wee while. We were looking out of the window when we saw these three boats in the sea and my MH though you might be interested in them. One boat is the one that goes to Scotland and the other one is a visiting boat with the little one showing it where to go so it doesn't hit the bumpy bits in the water. I like this picture and I like looking out of my window when they are on the sea.

When my humans came home they played with me for a while outside and I had a run in my garden and lots of rolls on my path and I liked that. So, my day has been good, but I am really looking forward to my night time especially if it turns out like last night. My MH had her shower early and she put on her big furry dressing gown for a while before she went to bed and as soon as she sat on our couch, I was right on her knee and within a few minutes I was snoring like the happiest little puss in this en-tire world.

Oh, I just love that dressing gown millions!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Getting Better

Yes, things are finally improving on my little island. I had a quiet word with my little weather man friend and asked him could I please have some better weather on my little island and he must have heard me 'cos it has been a good day today and that has meant that I have been able to get out to play lots of times.

I was so excited when I wakened up and saw that it wasn't raining or winding that I went straight out to play without having my breakfast and I was out for a long time having fun. It was only when my adorable little tummy rumbled so much that it frightened the mouses who were playing with me that I remembered I was hungry and I ran home as fast as I could and gobbled up my breakfast and that made my MH laugh.

She had a wee drop of housework to do so me and my DH escaped to our greenhouse and he is a wee bit happier now 'cos our tomatoes are beginning to grow, but it is still too cold for them, so maybe I need to have another chat to my little weather man friend. I know he will help me.

We all had a good day and me and my MH went into the gym and once I knew she was working as hard as she should, I went and played on my grass until she was finished and then she played with me. I have had lots of playtimes all to myself today and I have had a really super day.

I am hoping tomorrow will be the same 'cos my humans have to go out in the afternoon and if the weather allows it, then I can be outside and the window can stay open for me to come in if I am feeling a wee bit tired. So, that's why my days are definitely getting better.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Same old, same old

To be honest, my dear friends, I am getting a wee bit fed up with all this not very good weather. As you know, I am an outside pussy cat. Well, I am an outside pussy cat through the day times, but at night times, I love to snuggle up beside my MH when we are having our sleeps. But back to the weather. Normally, if it is warm and dry and sunny then I like to be outside playing in my garden or just lying on my path thinking and listening to the birdies, but when I tried that today, I was a wee bit cold and decided that I would be much happier sitting on my MH's knee, so I just asked to be let in again and that's just what I did.

We had our normal morning with my DH sailing away to the Cat Shop and my MH playing with her vacuum cleaner and dusters while I followed her round and listened as she chatted to me and every now and then she had to have a wee rest and that's when I nipped up onto her knee and purred very loudly as she stroked me and told me she loved me. She tells me that lots and lots of times every day and it makes me very happy.

We didn't have any visitors, but my MH went away out for a while in the afternoon and I nipped out with her thinking that we were going for a walk, but instead she tootled away in her little car and I just waited in my garden until she tootled back again to me, and I didn't have to wait too long.

So, I don't have a lot of news for you again today. If it ever gets warm outside, then I shall go hunting and exploring and I am sure that I will have some news for you then, but until then, I just don't know. Maybe I shall have to invent some news for you.

I shall give that some thought!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

A Girlie Day

This weekend is Folk Festival weekend in Stromness and the lovely people in the Cat Shop decided to open today, so my DH went away in the boat leaving me and my MH to have a girlie Sunday.

It was quite a nice day, so the old dear decided to change the sheets and the duvet covers which is always the signal for this little puss to click into kitten mode and jump all over the beds and into duvet covers. I have a simply brilliant time normally and today was no exception. My MH loves it when I play with her although she told my DH when he comed home that it took her nearly two times as long to do her work with me helping. Now, sums are not my strongest point but I think that two times something is better that one times something. Is it not? Anyway, we had lots of good fun and when my HH's friend phoned her in the middle of it all, I slided in and out of the duvet while the old dear tried to catch me and tickle me and I was a very happy little Squeak.

Later in the afternoon, two of my MH's friends came to see us and I'm afraid I got into a wee bit of trouble 'cos they were looking at some materials and there was a long bit hanging down from P.'s knee and when she was talking it was sort of waggling back and fro and I was watching it very, very carefully. Now, my dear old MH knows me very well and she knew what was coming but I'm afraid P. didn't until it was too late and then she screamed. Why? Well, I watched this 'thing' moving and then I wriggled my adorable little bum and sprang on it, but the only problem was that my little claws just somehow stuck into P.'s leg and that's what made her shout out and she called me a little monkey, but she smiled 'cos I think she loves me too. But she put all the material back in her bag! :-(

When they went away, me and my MH sat on my couch and she stroked me and cuddled me and we had a quiet time until my DH came home again and told us all about his day. He had enjoyed himself so that meant that we were all very happy and that we all had had a very good Sunday.

I hope you have had a good Sunday too.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Super Saturday

I have had a lovely day today just doing all the little things I like doing but I have been doing them with my humans which makes me even happier. When we got up this morning it was quite a nice day and it wasn't raining so I gobbled up my breakfast and politely asked for the window to be opened, and in a flash I was outside playing in my garden and feeling very happy.

A wee while later my DH came out and we both went into our greenhouse, but he is a wee bit sad 'cos the tomatoes are not growing very well and my DH thinks it is because it is still too cold for them and that is a shame. Maybe I need to have a chat to them and tell them to hurry up. I followed him round to the shed where the lawn mower is kept and when he started working with it I knew what was coming and right enough, in a minute or two, the old dear came out and started to cut my grass and I just followed her round my garden at a safe distance and waited patiently until she had finished.

I know you will be surprised when you read this next bit, but I quite like the new mower! But only because it is a wee bit bigger so it cuts more grass at a time, so my MH is finished quicker! See? Then she has much more time for me and that is always good news. We had more fun a while later on when she brought out her washing and of course I had to show off a wee bit by running up the clothes poles again and just as I was resting on the top of one of the poles, I'm afraid I gave a little swallow a bit of a fright. You see it was flying along minding its own business and between you and me, I don't think it was looking where it was going 'cos it nearly flewed into me at the top of my pole. It squawked and I smiled and my MH giggled 'cos it was very funny. I think I am going to climb the pole lots of times during the good days.

My MH likes this picture 'cos she says I have a funny walk and she is not too sure what I am doing, but I am keeping it a secret! So you see that I have had a very good day and now it is raining a wee bit so I am quite happy to lie on my couch beside my MH while we are all watching my television but I am hoping that I will be able to go out to play for a long time later before we all go to bed.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Much Happier

It has been a much better day for this little puss 'cos both my humans have been at home with me and it is also string day, so what more could an adorable little Squeak ask for?

We didn't need to get up too early 'cos nobody was going any where and the weather wasn't brilliant, so we were all having an easy day although the Boss had to do some of her housework that she didn't get done yesterday, but it was just a wee bit so I wasn't too upset. My DH was in a very go slow mood so I just followed my MH around and she chatted to me as she dusted and washed and cleaned.

I had a few trips outside, but it is still so cold that I didn't feel like staying out too long. I don't really like being cold but it is almost worth it when I come home again 'cos there is always a lovely cuddle waiting for me. And as well as some cuddles there was also a whole lot of string for me to play with when my DH came back from the pier with our messages. I made my humans laugh a lot as I chased one bit of string all over my kitchen, but before I pounced, I stared at it for a long time, then I wriggled my adorable little bum, lifted my left front paw and 'wham!', I was on the string in a flash and it was DEAD!!!

It was great fun and it made my humans very happy and I like when I make them happy.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sad Squeak

Do I look sad in this picture? I think I do and that's maybe 'cos I was a very sad puss today 'cos my humans went away and left me all alone. Sigh.

I haven't been on my own for months and months and months so it came as a great shock to me when the humans said that they were both going to Stromness on the second boat today. Now I know that my dear old MH hasn't been able to leave the island for a long while because our usual boat is sick and is away being made better and the boat that we have isn't very easy for her. But today she decided to be brave like me and off they went leaving me all alone and sad. Deep down I was happy for her, but I do miss them when my humans are not with me.

So, you will have worked out by now that I don't have any news for you 'cos my MH doesn't know what I have been doing. Well, actually she does, 'cos I just sleeped until they came back to me and she kind of guessed that.

However, since they came home I have been hopping from one knee to the other getting cuddles and giving big purrs in return. I am back to being a very happy Squeak again. Happy that my humans are back with me and happy that my MH had a good time. So everything Chez Squeak is right back to normal again and normal is good!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

This and That

That's what my day has been. Just little bits of this and that. Lots of good little bits, but nothing too strenuous. It was just us girls in my house today as the old boy was away to the Cat Shop and my MH was in a go-slow mood with not much housework on her mind at all, which is always good news for me.

We wandered round my house for a wee while just tidying up but we had lots of seats on my couch which always means lots of cuddles for me. My friend M. came to see me and I am always happy when we get visitors especially if they make a fuss of me which they normally do. I see to it that they do!

I had a couple of trips outside but I was on my own today as my MH didn't feel like a walk, but we did go into the gym and I watched her for a wee while before I nipped through the fence into the field and did a lot of sniffing until she was finished and then I asked her to play with me and of course she did. My grass is still nice and short and so I had lots of rolls on it which I liked. I ran and ran and my MH chased me all over the garden and it was great fun. It was a wee bit cool, but I was running so fast that I was very warm and very, very happy.

When my DH came home, he asked us what we had been doing and I sat on his knee and listened while my MH told him and he stroked me and said I was a good puss. But I knew that already! I heard them talking tonight and it would appear that I am to be left on my own for a while tomorrow as they are both going to Stromness for a wee while. I don't like it when they are not here with me, but this is the first time my MH has been off the island since she got her new hip, so I don't mind if they go away as long as they don't stay away too long.

Then I WOULD complain!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Much Quieter

I have had a good day but much quieter than yesterday and no walks with my MH and I think that a lot of that might just have been my own fault. You see, as I was lying on my couch last night, half sleeping and half listening to what my humans were saying, I heard my MH tell my DH that if the weather stayed good then she would have another play with her new lawn mower. Now, this didn't please me too much, so I tried to remember some of the steps of my rain dance 'cos I thought if we could just have a wee shower then she wouldn't be able to take out said mower, but she would have plenty of time to take me for another walk and I could have an adventure in my pipe. All that makes purr-fect sense, does it not?

So, when they weren't looking, I went behind the couch and did my little dance and just crossed my paws that I had done enough. Oops. I think I got something wrong somewhere 'cos this morning the rain came on so heavy that it wakened my MH out of a very good sleep and she wasn't a happy MH at all. I didn't tell her it was me, but it meant that we couldn't get out for our walk and I was a little bit annoyed with my adorable little self. However, after a wee cat nap I felt OK again.

I just spent my day wandering round my house watching my MH doing her housework and I did manage a couple of plays outside when the rain was having a wee rest, but I still had good fun 'cos when my MH was finished we sat together on my couch and she stroked me and talked to me while I just purred contentedly. We did have a while in the gym and I managed to hang on to her earplugs while she was putting them in their little box and this always makes her laugh.

She was talking to the nice farmer lady next door and she told her about my long pipe journey and the lady farmer laughed and said I must be a very brave puss. But we all knew that already, sure we did? I'm afraid it is still a bit wet and windy, so I may just have a very quick run outside before bed time. Or on the other paw, I might just snuggle up beside the old dear and hope that tomorrow will be better. I haven't done my rain dance tonight so there is every possibility it will be a good day.

Oh, I am awful. But she loves me :-)))

Monday, 18 May 2015

What a Day!

I know I keep telling you that I have the bestest of days and to be honest, lots of my days are simply magic, but I think today has to be the magicest of them all----so far! I know you will be desperate to know what I did that was so special, and I shall tell you.

It started off just like a normal Monday with my DH skipping away on the boat to go to the Cat Shop and my MH running round my house with the dusters and the vacuum cleaner. It was a good day for weather, so I took myself off into my garden so that I was away from said vacuum but I could still hear when it had stopped and then I could go back in for a cuddle. I did this lots of times and while I was out, I noticed that there are lots more birdies on my little island, but I'm afraid that the pesky swallows are coming back too. Sigh :-(

Anyway, while I was watching all the little birdies, my MH arrived out to hang up the washing and I was happy to see her so I ran up the clothes pole and sat on the top while she pegged out all the clothes and she talked to me all the time she was doing that and I just sat at the top of the pole and purred.

All this was very fine, but it was after lunch that the very bestest bit of my day happened. My MH invited me on a walk with her. Well, I didn't need to be asked twice. As soon as she mentioned the word 'walkies' I was at the door patiently waiting for her to put her shoes on, but soon we were off. We wandered down our road and then down towards the little lighthouse. Did you know there are two lighthouses on my little island? A big one and a little one and I can see the little one from my living room. So, we were wandering towards the little one and I was covering miles and miles 'cos there were so many brilliant sniffs and smells for me and I was so very, very happy and my MH was happy too.

On the way back, we didn't go up our path, but we went along the road and came up the next path and that's when I had the time of my life. That field belongs to the nice farmer people next door and there is a great big pipe lying on the grass. My MH stayed on the path, but yours truly nipped through the fence and had a sniff at said pipe. I liked what I was sniffing and decided to see where it went so I climbed in and walked and walked and walked. Oh my dear friends, it was millions of miles long. It was dark and I could hardly stand up and I didn't know where I was going, but I wasn't giving up. I could hear my MH calling so I knew I wasn't too far away, but I had to keep going 'cos there wasn't enough room to turn round! So I couldn't go back, even if I wanted to, which I didn't.

My little heart was thumping but suddenly I saw a wee bit of light and the next thing I knew I was standing on the grass at the top of the field and my MH was standing on the path beside me. I had come up the whole path inside the pipe and it was BRILLIANT! I think I might do it again because it was the bestest fun I have had for a long time and I know I can do it and I know I will be safe.

I think I might be the bravest puss in the en-tire world!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sunday Surprise

You all know that I like Sundays. Especially Sundays when my humans are at home with me and don't do very much and I have to admit that is nearly every Sunday. Just sometimes they have to go somewhere or have to do some work, but not very often, so I normally know where to find them and that is just how I like it.

I managed to get out to play lots of times, but I am still finding it a bit cold for me so I tend to come in after a short time. My MH thinks I am very wise having lots of small trips outside 'cos she doesn't want me to get cold. Actually I love coming in lots of times 'cos, as I told you yesterday, I always get a cuddle when I come back in, so it makes it worthwhile getting a wee bit cold!

I am still helping my DH in the greenhouse but we don't have anything to show for it yet, although the little Tom Thumbs are beginning to grow so they will be going outside soon, but I have been warned to stay away from them and I will try. I promise.

I got my usual Sunday surprise this afternoon. Although if it is usual then it isn't a surprise, is it? Ho hum. Well, it was still a surprise for me. I was having a snooze in my little hoose, when I heard my door opening and a voice shouting 'hello' and I knew at once that this was my friend S. who had come to see me and my MH. In a flash I was out of my wee hoose and in my kitchen to say hello to her and I got a great big cuddle while I gave her some of my special purrs. It was a lovely surprise and we all had a good chat before she went away so that my DH could watch the football on our telly.

I helped my MH in her gym but I'm afraid my MH was a little bit naughty and didn't let me play my little game with her headphones. I went out to play while her little legs were on the bike and by the time I came back into the gym, she had put her headphones away into their little box and I didn't get a chance to hang on to them. I was a bit sad, but she just smiled. Sigh :-(

Apart from that, it has been a very good day and I have loved every minute of it. I hope you have loved your Sunday too.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

My Time

I have been spoiled today. I have been cuddled and stroked and cuddled some more every time I asked, and even sometimes when I didn't ask. Both my humans have been home with me and neither of them had much work to do so there was plenty of time for this little puss.

It has been raining a lot so my humans didn't want to go out, but I did. Most of the time I managed to time it well, but one time and I was in my garden when the rain came on very heavy, but I ran as fast as I could and sheltered under the wee bit where the birdies get their dinner and as soon as the rain went off, I jumped up on to my window sill and my MH let me in and gave me my 'hello again' cuddle. I make them smile 'cos whenever I jump in the window, I stand on the chair and wait until I get my cuddle and then I wander through to the kitchen for a wee feed before I settle down on my couch again. My MH says I have lots of funny little habits, and I think she might just be right.

I helped my DH to plant some little Tom Thumbs today and I am hoping they grow into nice little flowers. I'm afraid I spoiled the ones he planted last year 'cos he put them into a lovely big flower pot with lovely brand new soil which was so beautiful and soft and I wonder if you can think what I used it for? Yes, I'm afraid I did. Oh it was so, so comfortable on this adorable little bum, but for some reason the little flowers didn't like it and they didn't grow, so this year I have been well warned.

I was in the greenhouse a couple of times today with my DH and I nearly went into the gym with my MH but it was raining when she went out, so I just told her to be careful and to work hard and then I lay on my couch and waited till she came back, then I gave her a cuddle. She liked that.

So, I have had a good Saturday and Sunday promises to be good too. I love my lazy weekends and so do my humans. I hope you have had a good Saturday and that your Sunday will be good as well.

Friday, 15 May 2015

No Machines!

Yippee! I have had a very good day and a lovely quiet day with no vacuum cleaner and no lawn mower, so I am a very happy little puss. And, as well as all that, it is string day again. So, you will all know that I have had a very good day.

There was just one wee hiccup and that's when my MH decided that a wee bit in my kitchen needed painting, so there was a bit of upheaval for a while and I was left to sit on my couch all alone. It was just for a wee while though and soon I was back on my favourite spot which is on my MH's knee.

The old dear was a very happy lady today 'cos she has been wanting to get that painting done for a long time, but the main reason was that the weather wasn't as good as it was yesterday and she was very happy that all our grass is cut 'cos she wouldn't have been able to do it today and you all know how she just loves being right!

I have been playing with lots of my toys today and I found my little rubber ball again which I chased all over my kitchen---after the painting was finished, of course---and I love it when I can slide across the floor and sometimes my little back paws slide in a different direction to the rest of me and that makes my MH laugh out load. Sometimes I do it deliberately just to make her happy.

I am just that kind of puss!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Play Time!

Me and my humans have been outside nearly the whole day and I have run all over my garden and all over the fields and through the fences and I have had simply the bestest of days, but now I am a wee bit tired, so I am resting a bit before I go outside again.

The weather was good and my MH was feeling fit, so when she had finished playing with her machine inside, she decided to play with her machine outside. Did you know my MH loves machines? Anyway, her and my DH nipped into the garden and he brought out the new lawn mower so that she could learn how to make it go and in a wee minute or two she was off. So was I, dear friend. So was I! I nipped through the fence and went away to find a nice quiet spot in the long grass where I could have a nap until it was safe to go home again. I had to wander away quite a distance 'cos both my humans were playing with machines, so my garden was a VERY noisy place. My MH was wandering round cutting the grass and my DH wasn't far behind her strimming all the edges. It does look nice, but I still don't like it when the machines are shouting at me.

However, when they were finished, they both gave me lots of attention and as soon as I heard my MH calling for me, I ran back into my garden and we all played together. I like this picture of me . It is a wee bit out of focus 'cos I was doing my usual and moving faster than the speed of light and the old dear just caught me before I disappeared in a blur again. I think I look quite funny in this picture and I think it might make you smile.

I made my humans smile a lot when I kept jumping in and out through my fence from my garden into the field and then from the field back into my garden again. It was really great fun but it has made me a bit sleepy. The sun is still shining and my grass is lovely and short and lovely and warm, so I may just have a lie in my garden tonight and listen to the birdies singing for me. My duck friends are still around, but they didn't come into my garden again. I think maybe they are frightened from my MH! I will go and find them later on and have a chat with them and tell them that she is quite nice really.

I will probably tell them all about the machines too although I am sure they will have heard them this afternoon. I am sure the whole of my little island heard them!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A Question

If somebody who looks after the sheeps is a shepherd and somebody who looks after the cows is called a cowherd, what do you call somebody who looks after ducks? I think it might be a duckherd and if that's what it is, then that's what I am. Well, that's what me and my MH are.

This morning after my DH went away on the boat, me and my MH were looking out of the window and we saw that the three ducks were inside my garden and the Boss was not at all happy. She doesn't mind them in the field, but she definitely didn't want them in my garden, so she flew out of the door as fast as her little legs could go, and naturally I was right behind her. I was actually in front of her, but I don't want to embarrass her, so I just pretend.

We wandered up beside the ducks and rounded them up with me at one side and her at the other shouting 'shoo ducks' and the ducks shoo'd right out of the gate which my MH shut, but it is OK for me, 'cos I can slide under it. I didn't want to tell her but when I was having a chat to said ducks later on, they told me they could slide under it too. Oh dear! It was good fun though, and I really liked being a duckherd cat. That is something else I can put on my rather vast CV!

Later on in the afternoon when we were in the gym, I had a good look at the new lawn mower and I have to admit it is a nice bit of machinery, but I will never be its friend. I shall merely tolerate it and my humans have accepted that. They were both out in the garden when my DH came home and he played with it for a wee while and I heard my MH say that if the weather stayed good, then she will cut the grass with it tomorrow.

So guess what I am doing tonight! :-)))

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

I'm Sorry.....

...but I don't have very much news for you today. I have hardly been outside all day as the weather has been so awful. The wind has been blowing and the rain has been raining, so me and my humans have stayed inside nearly all day.

It has been a good day though and my MH played with me lots of times and cuddled me lots of more times 'cos she doesn't want me to get lonely and she knows how much I love playing with her. She was cleaning the bedrooms today so I followed her round my house and she chatted to me all the time she was working.

I spent some time with my DH too 'cos I don't want him to feel left out and we have a lot of work to do in our greenhouse but I had to wait until the rain went off before I went out to see where he was and I sat on the shelf while he fixed some of our plants. I like that but I was a wee bit cold, so I nipped back into my house just in time to catch the old dear going into the gym, so I followed her in there too and sat on the chair while her little legs did their exercises. It is the only place she doesn't talk very much to me 'cos she is either singing or she has no breath! Whatever the reason I am quite happy just being there and making sure she is OK.

We had just finished when we saw our friend N. driving up with his tractor and trailer and he told my MH that he had brought her new lawn mower 'cos it had just come off the boat! Oh dear. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but it will make things a lot easier for my MH so I am trying to be happy. Honest!

My DH had good fun putting it all together and he says all we need now is some dry weather to make the grass all ready to be cut. Now, where did I put that rain spell? Hee hee :))

Monday, 11 May 2015

A Funny Old Day

When my DH skipped away to the Cat Shop my MH told me that as it was a good day we would do the washing and she would hang it up on the clothes rope and I was so excited 'cos I knew it meant that I could run up and down the clothes pole while my MH was watching me. I waited very patiently while she put all the clothes in the machine and then I lay on the back of my couch while she ran all over the house with the vacuum cleaner and finally it was out time!

Off we toddled across the grass and even before the old dear got anywhere near the clothes poles yours truly was at the top of one. I could see for miles and miles and I was nearly as high as some of the starlings who were a wee bit surprised when they saw me up there. It was lovely and so when she was finished, my MH played with me for a long time and we both loved it lots.

When we went inside, she still had some work to do, but that was OK 'cos I knew that we would need to back out to the garden to bring the washing in and I could have more plays, so I was quite content. But then, disaster! The sun went away and the rain came on and my poor old MH had to go racing into the garden to bring in all the clothes before they got soaking wet again. I decided to let her do that bit on her own! Well, I didn't want to get in her way. I know she appreciated my thoughtfulness and I did give her a big purr when she came back in again.

The rest of our day wet off without any more hitches and by the time my DH came home again, we had all our work finished and we had managed a play together as well. So it has been quite a good day, but we are hoping that tomorrow will be warm and sunny so that we can get out to play in my garden.

Paws and fingers crossed!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Happy Humans

It was raining this morning and quite blowy when we got up and my humans were happy. Not because the weather wasn't good but because they had got all their work done yesterday when it was sunny and dry.

We had our usual lazy Sunday and my DH just did wee bits of work inside my house, but me and my MH sat on my couch for lots of times and I got zillions of cuddles. She had some letters to write so I went into the room with her and I took up my usual position on top of the printer/ fax machine thingy. I think you have seen some pictures of me up there. My humans don't normally use that machine a lot, but for some reason, the old dear decided to use it today while I was on the top of it!

So, there was I. Sitting on the machine, half watching my MH working and half snoozing when suddenly the world underneath me shook as the printer thing jumped into life and started wheezing and grunting and rattling. Oh my dear friend, I nearly jumped off, but being an intrepid little Squeak, I just sat there and watched what was happening, but I was ready to scoot if I had to---but I didn't. It was all perfectly safe and it was just paper that was coming out. Phew.

In the afternoon, we were all in my living room and I was having a napette on the back of my couch when my MH decided to have a wee lie down on the couch. She told my DH that all her gardening yesterday had made her a wee bit tired and she was going to do a Squeak and have a snooze, so she lay down and covered herself with a blanket. Well, before she had her eyes shut, I was down off the back of the couch and landed on top of her. I ran up along my MH's side and 'wheech' I was under the cover beside her. I purred for her until she went to sleep and then I snoozed as well and it was lovely.

I got a super surprise after my dinner 'cos I was on my usual position on my MH's knee and she put my television on 'cos she wanted to see the tennis and there was Andy Murray playing my friend Raffa. Oh, he is lovely, especially when he smiles and when he does, there are six knees in my house that go all wobbly. My four, and my MH's two. My DH just shakes his head!

So, that has been my Sunday. We are all settled down and the tennis is finished. Andy won and that was good, but Raffa smiled and that was brilliant. It is pouring with rain, so I may not be going out too much later on, but that's OK 'cos I am a very contented little puss tonight. I have had a very good weekend and I hope you have had a good one too.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Oh What a Day

The weather on my little island today was just brilliant. From the minute me and my MH got up, the sun was shining and there was no wind and no rain, so I just knew in my little bones that I was going to have a very good day, and for the most part I was right. There was just one tiny wee snag which you will discover in a second.

My MH took her breakfast sitting outside and we listened to the birdies, but there still aren't any swallows to annoy me which is just lovely. Maybe they are here and are just behaving themselves. That would be good 'cos they are lovely birdies but I just HATE when they dive bomb me--even when I am just lying on my very own path being a very good little puss. So that's not fair. Sure it's not? Anyway, me and her sat outside for a while just listening and thinking and having a wee chat and then she decided that since it was a lovely day, she would wash all the outsides of our windows especially as the front ones were all full of salt and dirt and we could hardly see the outside from inside. But they are sparkling now after the old dear played with her window machine and made them all lovely and clean. When we were outside, I asked her to take a picture of the flower pot with the 'Squeak-proof' cage on it and here it is. I have been very good and haven't tried to get in beside the flowers, but I can't promise that will last for ever. Hee hee.

We had a wander all round my garden and I am afraid my MH was a wee bit upset when she saw how long the grass was but with the mower not working, there was nothing she could do, so we just had a wander and she tooked this picture for you to show you what I can see from one bit of my garden. I can play on this pampas grass too and sometimes I hide in it and my humans can't find me. I like playing that game but I don't leave them worrying for too long 'cos I am a good puss.

The nice lady from next door came past ---not the farmer lady, but another one that visits there a lot and she said that her car had a puncture and she was going to get one of the nice farmer men from next door to fix it. Well, you should have seem my MH's lugs waggling! Boy, I thought mine could waggle good, but my dear old MH could teach me a thing or two and she told my DH to grab the farmer man when he was passing and see if he could fix the lawn mower. And guess what? He did, and he did!(My DH grabbed him--well spoke to him, and the lawn mower got fixed) I was sort of annoyed but then I saw how happy my dear old MH was and I tried to be glad for her. She was very happy as she wandered all over my garden cutting the grass and I must admit that it was lovely lying on it when it was all short and soft, so maybe I will stop complaining about it. I might as well 'cos it doesn't make any difference at all!

So, that was my day. I have had a super time 'cos I have been outside all afternoon and what has made it even better is that my humans have been outside watching me and smiling when I did funny rolls or when I ran up the clothes pole. I prefer that pole to yesterday's one, but that is just our little secret, please.

It is now resting time, but I know I am going to be out very late tonight 'cos it is still beautiful and I love being outside late when the weather is good, so I shall tell you all about it tomorrow.

I hope your day has been as good as mine.

Friday, 8 May 2015


Well, we did stay up very late last night but I didn't really understand it 'cos it was just a lot of talking on my television, so I just lay on the old dear's knee and had a sleep till she wakened me up to go to bed.

Our Friday has just been a normal day, but a normal day with string 'cos it is Friday and Friday is message day and messages means string and string means fun. See? We all did wee bits of work today but nothing too hard and there was lots of time to sit on my couch beside my MH while she talked to me and stroked me and it was during one of these gentle times that we were shattered by a terrible noise outside and do you know what it was? No, of course you don't, but I will tell you. It was my DH with his strimmer on the grass and what a noise it was making! Oh it was dreadful. I had to stick my adorable little paws into my equally adorable little lugs!

But then my MH had a brainwave. She tooked me for a walk. A real doggy-on-a-lead type walk 'cept I am not a doggy and I wasn't on a lead, but you know what I mean. It was brilliant and I was able to explore places I had never explored before AND I climbed a ginormous great big pole and made my MH laugh out loud. I had just made a great big run up the field and shot up the pole without a second thought. It was only when I was a thousand feet up in the air that it dawned on me that this was a different type pole to the one I am used to climbing. For a start, it was wooden while mine is concrete and this one was HUGE while mine is littler, so after I had worked all that out, I just let go and drifted down to earth again then trotted home beside my MH. Oh, my dear friends, It was simply magic.

Later on, I was having a snooze on my couch when I got a great big surprise. My friend S. came to see me and when she was giving me lots of cuddles, I told her about my pole climbing adventure and she was very impressed. I will be going out to play later on, and I may give the pole another try later. We will see.

I will have to tell the Daisys and the ducks and the sheeps about my adventure. In fact, I will probably tell everybody I see. I am rather proud of my adorable little self!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

No Rain

It has been a bit better today with less rain, but just quite a lot of wind, so I was quite happy going out to play lots of times specially when my MH was out with me.

My DH was in Kirkwall doing some shopping for me and my MH, so I was looking after the old dear and I watched her as she cleaned all my house, but I took myself off to my bed when she brought out the vacuum cleaner, and when she was finished, she came to find me and I got a great big cuddle. When I finally managed to drag my adorable little self out of my bed, I wandered through to my living room and sat on the couch on my MH's knees as she stroked me and talked to me. I liked it a lot.

A wee while later, I looked out of my window and I saw the three ducks in the field in front of my house. I think they were waiting for me to go out to see them, so I very politely asked to be let out, and off I went for a long chat with them. I told them all the things I had been doing and they told me they had been for a long walk up and down the field in the hope that I might pop out my window, and suddenly out I popped! Magic, eh?

Me and my MH went into the gym again this afternoon and then we had a short play on the grass but it was a bit blowy for the old dear so we didn't stay out too long, but once I saw her settled back on the couch, I went out in to the garden at the front of my house for a short explore until my DH came home and as soon as I saw him coming in his wee car, I ran to meet him and he liked it. You can see how I was strutting about my garden. I think I might have been showing off a wee bit to the duckies.

I think we are going to be up late tonight 'cos I heard the humans saying that they were going to watch the results of something called the election and it was going to be on very late, so I might have quite a few nocturnal playtimes tonight and then we will all need a long sleep tomorrow.