Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Ding Dong Puss

It hasn't been a very good day outside but it has been a crackin' day inside my house. It started off with me helping my MH to change the sheets and the duvet covers and you all know that is my very favourite game and I had fantastic time playing with the Boss. When she was taking the sheets off, I sat on the top and slided down the bed when she pulled me and it was just super, but that wasn't the best bit. Oh no. The VERY best bit is when she tries to put the new duvet cover on and at the same time trying to keep me from climbing inside.

Oh, picture the scene, dear friends. Yours truly sitting on the bed looking angelic and MH thinking what a good puss I am. MH then throws duvet on to the bed and yours truly fights my way out from under it to sit on the top. MH gets duvet cover and spreads in on the bed ready to try stuffing said duvet into it but before she gets it even half way in, a certain little (adorable) little puss is already inside and up at the very top of the duvet cover. MH smiles and rolls up the cover to find me and take me out. Then she sits me on the ottoman and tries again and guess what happens? Yep, exactly the very same thing again. I managed to hide up at the top of the duvet cover about three times before the poor old thing managed, but she was still smiling 'cos it was very funny. oh, I loved it and it made me such a very happy little Squeak.

But the good fun didn't stop there 'cos she shouted for my DH to come and help her to take all the soft toys off the top of the wardrobes so she could clean up there too. There are MILLIONS of animals toys like a huge teddy bear and a huger hippo as well as lots of ducks and puffins and lovely soft things. These all landed on the bed while my MH was cleaning them and my DH was cleaning the top of the wardrobe and what was I doing? I was playing with all the toys! I rubbed up against them and sniffed them and purred at them and that was great fun too. I was so overcome with happiness that I had to go and have a wee lie down, but as there was no room on my bed, I just went into my wee hoose.

I had a long sleep and then I asked my DH to open the window to let me out to play and off I went to see the Daisys and I told them all about my afternoon and I am certain I saw them smile although I'm not too sure they understood it all 'cos they won't know what a duvet is, will they? I shall ask them tonight.

I was just in the middle of a deep and meaningful conversation with them when the rain came on really, really heavy and I had to run home as fast as these adorable little legs could go, but even running my very fastest, I was still 'ringing' by the time I got to the window and banged on it until my DH saw me and let me in.

'Oh, you are soaking' says he to me. 'I know. It's pouring with rain!' says I to him 'Please make me dry.' And he did. He got a big towel and dried me until I was purring happily again and that made him happy too, so he went and told my MH what he had done and she smiled 'cos she was very pleased with him.

So, that has been my very good day which I have just loved millions and I hope your day has been good too.

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