Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Getting Better

Yes, things are finally improving on my little island. I had a quiet word with my little weather man friend and asked him could I please have some better weather on my little island and he must have heard me 'cos it has been a good day today and that has meant that I have been able to get out to play lots of times.

I was so excited when I wakened up and saw that it wasn't raining or winding that I went straight out to play without having my breakfast and I was out for a long time having fun. It was only when my adorable little tummy rumbled so much that it frightened the mouses who were playing with me that I remembered I was hungry and I ran home as fast as I could and gobbled up my breakfast and that made my MH laugh.

She had a wee drop of housework to do so me and my DH escaped to our greenhouse and he is a wee bit happier now 'cos our tomatoes are beginning to grow, but it is still too cold for them, so maybe I need to have another chat to my little weather man friend. I know he will help me.

We all had a good day and me and my MH went into the gym and once I knew she was working as hard as she should, I went and played on my grass until she was finished and then she played with me. I have had lots of playtimes all to myself today and I have had a really super day.

I am hoping tomorrow will be the same 'cos my humans have to go out in the afternoon and if the weather allows it, then I can be outside and the window can stay open for me to come in if I am feeling a wee bit tired. So, that's why my days are definitely getting better.

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