Saturday, 2 May 2015

Good News and Bad News

Well, it was good news for me and bad news for my poor old MH. I wonder if you can possibly guess what I am wittering on about? First of all, 'wittering' is my word for the week. I have just discovered it and I love it, so I shall witter for a long time, methinks. Anyway, I digress. What a clever puss I am, wittering AND digressing.

Anyway, it is Spring and in Spring the grass starts to grow and when the grass starts to grow my MH has to cut it and in order to cut it she has to use the awful lawn mower and today was the first day of grass cutting and she asked my DH to get the mower out and start it for her. That was the bad news. I was not happy. Up till then I had been having a very good day just wandering around watching my DH as he filled up the fountain jug with water and then he switched it on for me. I helped him lots of times but sometimes I just lay on the grass and watched him, but then my MH tried to spoil it. But she didn't manage it 'cos the mower wouldn't start. Oh I shouldn't smile, but I did, and for me that was the (very) good news.

I did feel sorry for the old dear, but just for a second and then it passed. She was annoyed 'cos she was all ready to go and wanted to give her little legs some real exercise, but the old boy has promised he will try again tomorrow, so tonight I am searching for my spell book to see if I can remember how to keep it not working. Oh, I am awful! But lovely with it!

I haven't been inside much at all today and because the weather has been quite good, the window has been left open for me to come in just whenever I feel like it. Sometimes I come in but just sit on the window sill and look out so that I can see if my DH is doing anything that I can help him with and then I spring into action and with one beautiful flying leap, I am right beside him and it always makes him smile.

I love the Spring time and especially when it never gets dark and I can stay out nearly all night, but I hate it when the lawn mower spoils it for me,although I do like lying on the grass when it is all short and lovely. I just wish there was another way of cutting it. I did suggest that maybe a couple of my sheep friends could come in an eat it, but unfortunately it goes into them at one end as nice green grass and comes out the other end as, well, as something not very nice and my humans don't want that. And neither do I.

So I guess I will just have to compromise and lie down somewhere quiet whenever my MH is playing with the mower. Ho hum. Life is sometimes not easy at all!.

I hope you like this picture that my MH took when she was busy writing a letter today and I was sitting watching her and helping her. I like sitting up there and I can stay there for ages just watching and thinking ---- especially about how to get rid of the lawn mower. Hee hee


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  2. Sheeps not a good idea - I can verify -they eat everything !!

  3. Hi Gill. It's not just what they eat, but what they leave behind! That's the stuff that upsets my humans a wee bit so they wouldn't want it on my grass.