Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Just Thinking.....

.... it is a very good job that I am unshrinkable 'cos I have been out in so much rain since last night that if I did shrink when I got wet, I would just be a tiny, tiny, little black and white puss by now. I would still be adorable of course, but you would hardly be able to see me at all. I know that would be heartbreaking to my humans and to all the people who just love me millions.

There was a lot of rain last night after my dear old MH went off to her little bed, but I needed out so I braved the weather and off I went. There aren't very many places for me to shelter as the nice farmer man next door has closed his big shed, so I can't go in there and of course my humans look up the gym and the greenhouse, so that's no use to me either. I did have a little brain wave. At least, it was a brain wave until I thought about it and then I decided maybe it wasn't such a brilliant idea after all. Do you want to know what it was? Yes? Oh goody. I thought I could find some shelter if I stood underneath one of the Daisys 'cos they are much bigger than me and they would keep the rain from hitting my little body, but then I noticed the 'stuff' that comes out of their -- em-- back end bits, and I decided that it would not be very clever to be that close to all that smelly stuff. So I just got wet. Very wet. Lots of times.

However as soon as I went home, I just stood on the chair until one of my humans went and got a big towel and cuddled me dry again and it was lovely. In fact it was the very bestest bit of getting wet and I liked it so much I think I will keep doing it. Oh yes! It is still raining but after I have had my after dinner snooze, I shall disappear out of the window and go out to play even if it is wet. I will let you know.

I have had another good day with my MH as the old boy was at the Cat Shop. She didn't have too much work to do so I spent a lot of time on her knee until we went into the gym and today I just sat on the chair and watched her making her little legs do their exercises, but when she was finished, I had more good fun. You see, when she is exercising, she puts on her headphones and listens to her music, but sometimes she tries to sing when she is walking and I just listen quietly and giggle a wee bit when she runs out of breath, but then when she is finished, the fun begins for me. She puts her headphones in a wee case and as she is winding them into it, the end hangs down and I spend ages trying to catch it. I start on the floor, then jump up on the chair and today I even managed to balance on the arm of the chair until eventually she managed to close the little box. It was brilliant fun though, and I did make her laugh again and that's always good.

When we went inside, I decided to have a sleep on my bed and she tooked this picture for you and if you look very closely at it you might notice something. My MH puts a blanket on top of the duvet for me but it hasn't dawned on her that I don't lie on it! Oh dear. Please don't tell her though as she might be a wee bit upset, and what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Will it? No!

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