Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Much Quieter

I have had a good day but much quieter than yesterday and no walks with my MH and I think that a lot of that might just have been my own fault. You see, as I was lying on my couch last night, half sleeping and half listening to what my humans were saying, I heard my MH tell my DH that if the weather stayed good then she would have another play with her new lawn mower. Now, this didn't please me too much, so I tried to remember some of the steps of my rain dance 'cos I thought if we could just have a wee shower then she wouldn't be able to take out said mower, but she would have plenty of time to take me for another walk and I could have an adventure in my pipe. All that makes purr-fect sense, does it not?

So, when they weren't looking, I went behind the couch and did my little dance and just crossed my paws that I had done enough. Oops. I think I got something wrong somewhere 'cos this morning the rain came on so heavy that it wakened my MH out of a very good sleep and she wasn't a happy MH at all. I didn't tell her it was me, but it meant that we couldn't get out for our walk and I was a little bit annoyed with my adorable little self. However, after a wee cat nap I felt OK again.

I just spent my day wandering round my house watching my MH doing her housework and I did manage a couple of plays outside when the rain was having a wee rest, but I still had good fun 'cos when my MH was finished we sat together on my couch and she stroked me and talked to me while I just purred contentedly. We did have a while in the gym and I managed to hang on to her earplugs while she was putting them in their little box and this always makes her laugh.

She was talking to the nice farmer lady next door and she told her about my long pipe journey and the lady farmer laughed and said I must be a very brave puss. But we all knew that already, sure we did? I'm afraid it is still a bit wet and windy, so I may just have a very quick run outside before bed time. Or on the other paw, I might just snuggle up beside the old dear and hope that tomorrow will be better. I haven't done my rain dance tonight so there is every possibility it will be a good day.

Oh, I am awful. But she loves me :-)))

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