Friday, 1 May 2015

Quite a Day

You will be happy to know that I have some news for you today. I was out until four o'clock this morning! All by my adorable little self until it was nearly morning time, but I was happy and safe---just a wee bit tired.

I had had a very good night sitting on my MH's knee then going out to play for a while just before she went to bed, but I was back in to make sure she was fine and I cuddled up beside her until she went to sleep and then I asked my DH if I could go out to play and of course he agreed and opened the door for me. Out I went into the night and the long grass and I was a happy, happy little puss. I played and played and hunted an explored and it was brilliant fun. I heard my DH whistle for me and I ignored him, I heard him shout for me but I ignored him and do you know what he did? He went to bed!!!

I know he was tired, and he explained to me this morning that he only meant to lie down for a little while and then get up again and get me in, but he falled asleep. Oh dear. That was bad enough, but then my MH wakened up at four o'clock and discovered I wasn't beside her where I usually am so she went all over the house looking for me and even though the poor old thing was still half asleep, it dawned on her that I was outside, so she ran to the door and called for me and I shooted into my house as quickly as these adorable little paws could take me where I got the biggest cuddle ever before she gave me something to eat and then we snuggled up together and went to sleep. I will not tell you what she said to my DH. After all, this is a family blog!! Hee hee

I was perfectly fine though, and I have had a very good day 'cos the weather hasn't been too bed so I have been out a lot and when I went inside again I lay in my wee hoose and that made my humans smile 'cos I haven't been in it for ages and today I have been in it about half a dozen times. My MH thinks I am a funny little puss but I just like to give all my seats a try.

Me and my MH went into the gym ans then we played on the grass for a while and I ran and ran all over the place which was really good fun. I am now back in my wee hoose having a sleep before I go outside later on. However, I think I will go home tonight when I hear my DH whistle. I don't fancy two late nights.

It's not too good for a little puss.

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