Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sad Squeak

Do I look sad in this picture? I think I do and that's maybe 'cos I was a very sad puss today 'cos my humans went away and left me all alone. Sigh.

I haven't been on my own for months and months and months so it came as a great shock to me when the humans said that they were both going to Stromness on the second boat today. Now I know that my dear old MH hasn't been able to leave the island for a long while because our usual boat is sick and is away being made better and the boat that we have isn't very easy for her. But today she decided to be brave like me and off they went leaving me all alone and sad. Deep down I was happy for her, but I do miss them when my humans are not with me.

So, you will have worked out by now that I don't have any news for you 'cos my MH doesn't know what I have been doing. Well, actually she does, 'cos I just sleeped until they came back to me and she kind of guessed that.

However, since they came home I have been hopping from one knee to the other getting cuddles and giving big purrs in return. I am back to being a very happy Squeak again. Happy that my humans are back with me and happy that my MH had a good time. So everything Chez Squeak is right back to normal again and normal is good!

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