Wednesday, 20 May 2015

This and That

That's what my day has been. Just little bits of this and that. Lots of good little bits, but nothing too strenuous. It was just us girls in my house today as the old boy was away to the Cat Shop and my MH was in a go-slow mood with not much housework on her mind at all, which is always good news for me.

We wandered round my house for a wee while just tidying up but we had lots of seats on my couch which always means lots of cuddles for me. My friend M. came to see me and I am always happy when we get visitors especially if they make a fuss of me which they normally do. I see to it that they do!

I had a couple of trips outside but I was on my own today as my MH didn't feel like a walk, but we did go into the gym and I watched her for a wee while before I nipped through the fence into the field and did a lot of sniffing until she was finished and then I asked her to play with me and of course she did. My grass is still nice and short and so I had lots of rolls on it which I liked. I ran and ran and my MH chased me all over the garden and it was great fun. It was a wee bit cool, but I was running so fast that I was very warm and very, very happy.

When my DH came home, he asked us what we had been doing and I sat on his knee and listened while my MH told him and he stroked me and said I was a good puss. But I knew that already! I heard them talking tonight and it would appear that I am to be left on my own for a while tomorrow as they are both going to Stromness for a wee while. I don't like it when they are not here with me, but this is the first time my MH has been off the island since she got her new hip, so I don't mind if they go away as long as they don't stay away too long.

Then I WOULD complain!

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