Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Good Saturday

We were all at home today and although it was a wee bit cold for my humans, the weather was very fine for me and I spent most of the day outside just sitting in my garden or playing in the fields, and I had very good fun.

As you know, I like it the bestest when my humans are outside with me 'cos then I can sit on a knee and get cuddled and still see what all my little animal friends are doing and that makes me a very contented little puss. When my MH was doing a wee bit of work in the kitchen, she left the door open, so I could lie on the step and watch her and at the same time the sun was shining on my adorable little body making me all warm.

Yesterday, when the Boss was away to the town with her friends, my DH took out the strimmer and cut all the edges of the grass, so today my MH played with the mower and made my garden all lovely for me. I sat outside all the time she was doing that and it was quite nice 'cos it didn't take her too long. When she was finished, she sat on the garden chair with me plonked on her knee and we looked at all her hard work and we liked it a lot, so she is a happy MH tonight.

I am quite a happy puss, but a wee bit not happy too 'cos today my DH brought down the cases from the loft and that means that my humans are going away on their holidays again, but the good news is that my friend A. will be coming to stay with me and I like that a lot. He plays with me and looks after me very well, but I still miss my humans a bit when they are not here. Ho hum! One of these times, I am going to hide in one of the cases! Can you imagine what my MH would say when she opened her case and out I popped!

Perhaps you had better NOT imagine what my MH might say!! Hee hee

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