Thursday, 4 June 2015

A Much Better Day

I have had really good fun today. The weather has been fine and that has meant that I have been outside for most of the day and then it was good when I went inside 'cos both my humans were there just waiting for me and ready to feed me or cuddle me depending on my mood at any given time, so you will understand why my day has been good.

My MH did some housework so I joined my DH in our greenhouse and then when I could smell baking, I nipped in just in time to get a little baby pancake which the old dear made just for me. She makes a little one for me, lots of normal ones for my DH and a great big thin one for herself and so we are all happy when she makes pancakes.

There was a wee bit of excitement in the field in front of my house this afternoon 'cos the nice farmer man next door was moving all the lady cows and so I watched from my window sill just in case he rounded me up too! I didn't want to end up in a field hundreds of miles away from my house and my humans did I? A wee while later when me and my MH were looking out of the window into the same field, we saw a mister pheasant having a wee walk up and down. I didn't know what he was but my MH told me and I must admit that I quite liked him but before I could get close enough to introduce myself he flew away. Maybe he will come back another day and I will have a chat to him. I hope so.

I went into the gym with the old dear this afternoon and I had a play on my grass for a while which was good. I heard her telling my friend S. that if the rain stays off tonight, she will take the mower out tomorrow and I was quite surprised when I didn't object too much. I still don't like the mower, but I don't like it a wee bit less, if you see what I mean? I suppose it does help to keep my garden nice for me to play in.

And that is the main thing, is it not?

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