Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A Much Better Day

I have been a very happy puss 'cos I have been outside nearly all day and both my humans have been out with me too so it has been a really good time for this little cat.

Me and my MH were up first and she did a wee bit of housework before she went out to feel the grass and when she does that, I know she is wondering if it is dry enough for her to play with her lawn mower and today it was! So we both went outside and for once the big bully boy wasn't moaning at us but he was away down the field so I don't have a very good picture of him for you, but you can see him. Actually, I am a bit worried about him 'cos he has been very quiet all day. Maybe he has a sore throat with all the bellowing he has done. That would be a shame, but at least my adorable little lugs are getting a rest, which is just lovely.

My MH told my DH that she was going to cut the grass so he went into our greenhouse for a while and yours truly dotted between on human and the other making sure that they were both doing what they should have been doing. And they were! Well, they knew I was watching. I don't mind the mower much any more 'cos it is quicker that the old one. Actually it is quite funny watching my MH's little legs running after it, but I never let her see me smiling. I know only too well what would happen! The other thing about her cutting the grass is that when she is finished, she sits with me on the bench and gives me all her attention and plays with me and that just makes me the happiest Squeak in the world. I wonder how many Squeaks there are in the world? I guess I will never know but I am sure I will be the adorablest!

Anyway, I had a very good time and I didn't even mind when my MH had to go out visiting one of her friends 'cos it meant I could have a very quick nap till she came back and then I moved---very quickly--- from my chair to her knee, and there I stayed for a long while.

Ah yes. Just a purr-fect day, and it's not finished!

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