Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A New Friend

I have had a good day, but I have been inside nearly all the time 'cos it hasn't been a very good day at all. I am going to have words with my little weather man friend and see if he can make the weather better for me. I am getting a bit tired with all this rain and wind. I should be able to spend all my days outside lying in the sunshine, but every time I go out, I get cold so I nip back in very quickly. Ho hum

However, I like Wednesdays 'cos Wednesdays are just for me and my MH and she has a very lazy day so that means that there is lots more time for you-know- who. And that's me, in case you can't work it out! Hee hee We waved my DH away on the boat 'cos we can see it from my living room window and we can see him sailing into Stromness, although we can't actually see HIM---we can just see the boat but we know he is on it.

My MH doesn't do very much housework. She just makes sure that everything is tidy and she spends a lot of time on my couch with me on her knee and we have lots of talks and then we play together and I like that loads.She had some more letters to do so I went into the study with her and I jumped up on to the shelf where I always sit as you can see. My MH says the whole unit shakes when I launch my adorable little self up onto the shelf, but it is safe. Just a wee bit shaky!

I did venture out into my garden just in time to see this little wagtail playing on my grass and I have decided he will be my new friend. There is just one wee problem 'cos he is frightened that I am going to gobble him up and he flies away. He doesn't know that I am a very gentle little puss. But he will!

My MH thought you might like to see what the sky was like over my little island the other night. The colours were beautiful and me and my humans watched it for a long, long time. I hope you like it too.

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