Monday, 22 June 2015

I am thinking

Well, it's not weather to do much else, I'm afraid. I am sorry if I am boring you with the news about my weather, but me and all the people on my little island are a tad fed up with all the bad weather we have been having. It is so wet that the cows and sheeps are not happy either and as you know, I am having difficulty finding a place to do what needs to be done---on a daily basis, at least!

Anyway, my friend J. sent me a message with a video on it about a flying pussy cat and then I saw it on my television at news time and I got to thinking. Would I like to go flying? I have been in a car and I liked that. I have been on a boat and that wasn't too bad, but I have never been on a plane. Well, I watched the news again and I watched the pussy cat's face and I don't think he looked very happy at all, so if I go flying---and right now that is a very big IF---I would need the full outfit. You know how I love my uniforms! I am gathering quite a little wardrobe now. I would need a little leather jacket and a white silk scarf like Biggles and of course I would have to have a helmet and the goggles plus a great big seat belt 'cos I am not at all sure that I wouldn't fall off if I did what the puss on the telly did. I think he was very brave and I am glad he didn't fall off 'cos cats can't fly, you know?

I have had a very easy day and spent a lot of time sitting with my MH in between her hoovering times and we had lots of girlie chats which were good and then we went into the gym for a while 'cos she need to keep her little legs working hard. When she was finished, I raced in from the garden just in time to hang on to the end of her earphones 'cos that is one of my games. I try to catch them before she puts them in her wee box and she tries to put them in her wee box before I catch them. It is really good fun, but she usually wins! :-(

We didn't go straight into the house and instead we played for a while on the grass, but it was a bit wet. However, my MH knew that I wanted to play so she stayed outside with me for a long time and I had good fun except for just one thing. And that one thing is a very noisy bully boy in the field in front of my house. The nice farmer man next door put him there on Sunday and he has roared and roared all the time he has been there. I don't think he is happy, but when I asked my MH why he was shouting so much, she said I was too young to know these things. I think it has something to do with the fact that he is in a field with the sheeps and all the lady cows are in another field and he has nobody to talk to.

But I tell you this. If he doesn't stop roaring, I am going to see if I can get HIM on a plane!!

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