Monday, 8 June 2015

I Wonder....

.... if I am needing a wee holiday? I have been a bit tired today and I don't know why 'cos I haven't been doing very much at all so I decided that maybe I might need a wee break. Maybe I will ask my friend S. if I could go to her house for a wee while? I shall give that some thought.

I have had quite a good day but a very lazy day. I did manage to get out to play for lots of times, but as usual, the vacuum cleaner was busy in my house, so I just lay on the back of the couch until it was put back in the cupboard and then it was my turn for a cuddle and that helped to cheer me up a bit.

I don't know what was wrong with me, but I just wasn't firing on all cylinders and my MH noticed this and decided she would try to make me better so she lifted me up on her knee and stroked me until I was feeling a lot happier. We went into my garden for a while and I played there until the old dear was finished in her gym and then we had a long play in my garden which I just loved! Oh it was such good fun that I forgot all about being tired and fed up and I was back to being my own bouncy, adorable little self and my MH was very relieved.

I ran round and round on the grass and I jumped on the weeds and killed them all and then I ran back and forward to my MH and that made her laugh a lot and when we were playing we saw my DH coming back from the Cat Shop and he played with me then as well and it was just when we went inside that I decided that maybe I didn't need a change of scenery after all.

I quite like what I have here, thank you.

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