Saturday, 20 June 2015

Oh Yippee

Last night was a brilliant night 'cos it was the first time I have been able to stay out really, really late and I loved it! It was a fine night and it wasn't dark at all so I was able to see everything. Mind you, being a pussy cat means I can everything anyway even if it is dark.

We had a quiet night and it was just me and my MH in my house 'cos my DH had to go over to Stromness, so we just sat and watched my television and I had a couple of wee trips outside, but then when my humans were going to bed, I discovered that I wasn't tired at all and I asked if I could please go out. My DH opened the window for me, but he told me that he was tired and if I was going to stay out late, he would leave the window open for me, so oft I went and I had a ball.

There were millions of wee creatures all buzzing about and I spent a lot of time just wandering and sniffing and being oh so very, very happy until I was tired. I said goodnight to all my little friends and ran home. All the lights were out 'cos it was about half past two in the morning and both my humans were snoring. I nipped up beside my MH and that wakened her up 'cos she never sleeps properly until she knows I am in and safe. She got up to close the window and because she loves me millions, she gave me some wee biscuits and then we both had a brilliant sleep till later on in the morning.

I have been a wee bit tired today and have had lots of sleeps but I helped the old dear change the beds and that was great fun. Then I went into the greenhouse and helped my DH before we watched the tennis on my television but me and my MH were disappointed when the rain came on and Andy had to stop playing, but we'll see him tomorrow. I have my adorable little paws crossed for him, and I know that helps.

I think I will be going outside until late tonight again 'cos the weather is good enough to leave the window open for me again. I wonder if this is finally summer? Oh I hope so.

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