Sunday, 21 June 2015

Rained Off

Oh dear. What a rotten day it has been. It has never stopped raining all day and this little puss has not been very happy 'cos I haven't been able to get much at all. Sigh.

I did have a very good night though and I was able to stay out very late again. In fact, I was out later last night than on Friday and it was nearly three o'clock when I slipped in my window and snuggled up beside my MH who then got up and closed the window and just happened to give me a wee biscuit while she was up anyway. Guess what my DH was doing? Yup. Snoring. Bless!

I am watching my television just now and there are some very funny sheeps on it. They are very different to the sheeps in my fields 'cos these ones have long curly coats and I don't know how they can see 'cos the wool is hanging down in front of their eyes. I am sure I would be able to creep up to them without them seeing me. Funny, though.

I have been watching a lot of television today and to be quite honest with you, my dear friends, my adorable little derriere is a tad sore with all the sitting I have done. Me and my MH were watching the tennis today 'cos Andy Murray had to play two games, but he won them both and I am sure that is because my little paws have been crossed for him all day. I can now walk properly since he is finished! Hee hee

I have a little embarrassing story for you. As I told you, it has been raining all day, so everywhere outside is very wet and this little puss needed to find a comfortable place to sit and do a bit of business, if you catch my drift. However, every time I tried to settle down my aforesaid adorable little bum got wet. And it fair put me off, so I decided to nip home and use my litter tray. I flew in the window, did what I had to do and flew outside again leaving my humans just shaking their heads at me. Sometimes I do flummox them, I'm glad to say.

I have noticed that more and more things are going in the case so I guess holiday time is getting closer, but I will be fine. It's just not the same, but it is still good.

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