Friday, 5 June 2015

String Time

Friday again in my house and that means fun with the string and today's bits of string were blue. My MH tied them all in a big knot for me and I spent a long time just sliding up and down my kitchen floor catching it and killing it and generally having good fun with it.

The weather wasn't very good today. It wasn't bad enough to keep me in, but it wasn't good enough to let my MH use her lawn mower so I was quite delighted. We all had quite a lazy day, but my MH went out for a while in the afternoon and I looked after my house and my DH and we just had a rest until she came back.I sat on her knee and we watched Andy playing tennis until the weather made him stop. We will need to wait until tomorrow, I think, to see what happens to him. I have my adorable little paws crossed for him.

My MH had some letters to write and I went her and she thought I looked so cute perched up high that she took these pictures for you and I am sure you will like them. So, although I don't have very much news for you, I have had a very good day and I hope you have had a good day too.

The sun is shining now so if it stays like this tonight, I am sure the old dear will cut our grass tomorrow and I will spend a lot of time outside with her until she is all finished. As I have told you before, I am my MH's puss cat and I follow her everywhere she goes 'cos I like to be with her especially when she talks to me and plays with me. My DH plays with me but not as much as she does and you all know how much I just love being played with, sure you do?

What else are humans meant to do if not to play with puss cats? When puss cats WANT to play, of course!!

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