Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Cat Shop

I know I keep telling you that my DH goes away on the boat to go to the Cat Shop in Stromness and I thought maybe I should explain what he does. Sure you will like that? You see, when I was a wee baby puss and my DH said he was going to the Cat Shop, it made me a wee bit sad 'cos I thought he was working with other cats and I was frightened he would find one that he loved better than me.

I had just come to my house and I was loving it so much that I didn't want to leave and then my MH explained that there were no real puss cats in the Cat Shop, but it was a place where all the people tried to raise money to help sick little baby puss cats like I was when I was born. I was the happiest little kitten in the world 'cos as well as telling me that bit, she told me that both my humans loved me millions and millions and this was my forever home! So now when he skips away on the boat to the Cat Shop I am happy for him. See?

So, today was Cat Shop day and oft he went and on a Wednesday my MH gives her vacuum cleaner and her dusters a wee rest so that she can spend lots of time with me which suits me just fine. I had lots of seats on her knee and then I decided to go through to the spare room and have a sleep on the bed there 'cos the sun was shining in through the window. I was lovely and comfortable when I heard the old dear calling for me to take her into the gym.

I sat with her for a long time while she played on her treadmill and her bike and then when she was finished, we played on the grass together and I ran round and round again while she stood and watched me and I made her smile lots.

So, you can see that we have had a very good day and when my DH came home he told us that he had had a good day too at the shop, so we have all been happy.

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