Friday, 31 July 2015

My Kind of Day

Oh, I have been much happier today---all day! It has been an almost purr-fect day for this adorable little puss. We have all been at home and the weather for most of the day hasn't been too bad, so we have all been outside for a while.

My DH was trying to put a new CD thingy into my MH's kangaroo car but he hasn't managed it yet, but while he was doing that, I helped my MH pick up lots and lots of weeds that have been growing in my garden and they have all disappeared now so The Boss is very happy 'cos she doesn't like weeds. She did mention that she might cut the grass although it isn't too long yet, but then the rain came on and she decided just to have a wee rest in the afternoon and so yours truly had a wee rest too.

My DH had to go to the pier two times today but he only got boxes with string one time, so I had a good play with the string when he had finished unpacking all the messages. The postman brought me lots of dinners today 'cos my MH is so afraid of not having enough to feed me that she buys lots of dinners at one time and then the postie man brings them to my house. It also saves the old dear having to carry them 'cos she says they are quite heavy, but she also says I am very worth it and she would carry them if she had to. Oh my dear friends, it brought a wee tear to this adorable little eye when she said that and I gave her a big purr.

She took some pictures last night of the cows and the sheeps in the field in front of my house and I think you might even hear Bully Boy bellowing! Oh I am getting a headache with all the noise he makes and we all wish he would stop. I don't think he is a very happy Mr. Bull but I am too frightened of him to go and ask 'cos he is simply ginormous--and angry!

I don't know if I will be able to get out to play later on tonight 'cos it is raining again, but if it goes off then I shall go out for a little while before bedtime and if Mr. Bull isn't roaring or dancing with his front feets, I shall politely ask him to stop shouting at me and my humans.

If you don't hear from me again you will know what has happened. Hee hee.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

What a Day

I am exhausted! I am sure if you look very closely at this picture, you will see little bags under these adorable eyes. I know you will be desperate to find out who or what has been giving me this grief and I shall tell you.

I was having a lovely morning playing in my garden and in my jungle, keeping well out of the way of the hoover and the duster and the polish and just as the old dear was finishing and I was getting ready to spring onto her knee when she sat on my couch, we got visitors. Now, as you know, I normally love visitors but this time there were two grown ups and two baby humans. Not the tiny sleeping and crying little bundles of babies. Oh no, these were the running around chasing pussy cat types of babies and at first they were very good and I was just the purr-fectest hostess as I stood very still and let them stroke me and they liked that a lot. But then, when they got braver, the decided that they would like to catch me and pick me up ----by my tail!

No,no, no! I was having none of that and even when my MH and their mummy told them to be gentle with me I knew they weren't listening, so I took myself off to my little hiding place and I disappeared under my couch---very quickly! They tried to get in beside me but it is only big enough for puss cats to fit in, so I did get peace for a little while. However, every time I tried to come out and see what people were doing, they tried again and I decided to disappear altogether so I ended up under my bed. At least it was quiet. They were lovely little children but I am not really used to little baby humans and to be quite honest, I don't think I like them. Shame.It was very quiet in my house when they went away, but my humans were very happy that they had come to see them.

I had a rest for a while and then I went out to play, but I just had a very gentle stroll round my garden and it was then that I saw this little cow friend of mine having its dinner and I thought you might like to see the picture that my MH took. I think it is lovely.The weather is getting better tonight, so I think I will be out for a long time and as there are sheeps and cows in the field in front of my house, I shall have plenty of company and I will be able to tell them all about my visitors.

I'm sure I will get lots and lots of sympathy!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A Much Better Day

I have been at home with my MH all day and I have been very happy. I have felt a bit tired but I think that is because of all the trauma I had to endure yesterday, but today has been a much better day for me.

It was just me and my MH in my house 'cos the old boy went away to the Cat shop so we had a very peaceful day. I like Wednesdays 'cos there is very little housework done and the vacuum cleaner doesn't come out so it is lovely and peaceful which is what I like.

It was a bit wet and to be honest, I was quite happy about that 'cos I didn't really feel like going outside too much although I have had a couple of trips into the long grass. And I meant to tell you that the swallows haven't been annoying me this year. My MH gave them a good telling off last year for dive bombing me and they haven't done it, so I am happy about that.

My MH was doing her exercises this afternoon and she was lying on our bed, so, in order to keep her company, I nipped under my blanket and I fell fast asleep . The next thing I heard was the old dear calling me for my dinner! And now, while she is writing this, I am lying across her knee with my adorable little head on her keyboard.

But I look lovely!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Not Happy

And you will all know why. Today was THE day! Today was V-E-T day, and I didn't manage to escape in time, so I have been to see the vet and to be quite honest, it wasn't too bad at all. But, I'm not going back! EVER!!

I had a good day right up until 3:20pm exactly. I know this 'cos I looked at my paw-kit watch as I was being thrown into the cage. How can my MH, who says she loves me millions, do that to me? I just do not know.

Anyway, as I was saying, my day was good as I helped the old dear change the beds again and we had great fun with me being in places I shouldn't have been and her trying to catch me to move me and my DH just shaking his head at us both. Oh, it was really the bestest fun and I just loved it. It was still quite a good day and so I could get out to play a lot. It is just a pity I didn't stay out a lot longer and then we would have missed the boat. Sigh. Anyway, (again) the old dear washed all the bedclothes and decided to hang them out on the rope and of course I had to help. I climbed all the poles ---we have three of them so I can take my pick, but today I was feeling full of beans so I picked all three and just ran as fast as I could right up to the top and it was beautiful sitting up there as high as the birdies and the planes and I had great fun. After that, I left my MH all by herself and went away to have a hunt in the long grass and then I went home and because I was a bit tired, I lay down on my bed for a little snooze and it was then that it happened. :-((

There was I, lying on my bed adorably sleeping and minding my own business, when my MH came in and lifted me up, carried me through to my living room and dumped me in the cage and as soon as I was inside, my DH locked the door and I was stuck! Stuck and not happy and meowing. I only 'meow' when I am upset, and boy was I upset, and to give her her due, so was my MH, but she could have stopped it, sure she could?

So my DH picked up the cage and me, put me in the back of his car and tooked me to the pier. We got on the boat and some people had a wee look in at me but I am afraid I just wasn't in the mood to be adored so I just lay down and sulked until we got off the boat and into a taxi to take us to the vet shop. A very nice lady vet felt all my bones and innards and she used her great big stethoscope thing to listen to my little heart and it tickled a bit and she told my DH I was perfectly fit and that made us happy. But just when I thought it was all over, she stuck a great big ginormous needle into me! Oh my dear friends, I looked down 'cos I was sure it was coming out the other side, but I didn't see it, so maybe I am exaggerating just a tad. I know I can be guilty of that sometimes.

When she was all finished making me a pin cushion, she put me back in the cage and told my DH she thought I was a lovely puss and oft we went again. Into the taxi, onto the boat, into my DH's car and home to my MH. who gave me a great big cuddle. I think she was feeling guilty for causing all my suffering and I shall play on that for quite some time.

But you knew that already, didn't you? Hee hee.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Another Super Day

That's what I have had. I even had a visit from my friend M. but I will let you into a wee secret. My friend M. is very nice and she talks to me but she never gives me cuddles or lifts me up like my friend S. does and you all know how much I love getting cuddles and being lifted up especially when whoever is lifting me up tells me I am adorable. My MH does that all the time and I just love it millions.

As well as a visit from my friend, I was outside in my garden and in the fields for most of the day and that is when I am just the happiest little puss in the world. My MH did her housework, as usual!, and I played outside until she put the vacuum cleaner in its cupboard 'cos I know when she is finished, she has a wee seat on my couch, so I nipped back inside and had a wee seat on my MH! Hee hee

A wee while later we both went outside so that she could hang out her washing and just as I was about to spring up the clothes pole, I heard the bully boy in the field give a great big bellow and it completely wasted the moment for me so I plopped down onto the grass and ran right behind my MH to protect her of course! :-)) We watched the bully boy for a while and he just roared at us and we decided he wasn't very happy, but when we were talking to the nice farmer man next door we mentioned this to him and he told us that Mr. Bull just needed some female company, but he needn't look at me 'cos I don't really fancy being friends with a grumpy old bully boy thank you very much!

I will be heading outside later on 'cos it is still a very good night and it is still weather to leave the window open for me which is just how I like it. I just love being able to stay out until it is very late knowing that I can get inside again whenever I feel like it. It might not have been the brilliantest summer, but it has suited me just fine so far.

AND, there is still no visit to the V-E-T yet although I did hear the old dear tell my friend M. it might be tomorrow, so I think I shall disappear into the furthest away field in the afternoon so my humans won't be able to find me. Oh yes. I have a plan!

Sunday, 26 July 2015

A Question

How could anyone put an adorable little puss like this and a horrible cage like THIS? I do not know, but that's what is going to happen to yours truly---or so my humans think. I have other ideas.

My MH thought she was being clever when she brought out my cage last week and she put one of my blankets in it along with some of my biscuit treats thinking I would have a look inside and start to like it. Not so, MH, not so! It will take more than a cosy blanket and a few biscuits to fool this wise puss. I did make them laugh though 'cos I went up to said cage and had a look in and a wee sniff and I managed to eat the biscuits by stretching my adorable little neck as far as it would go without actually putting more than one paw in it. Just in case. One never can be too sure.

I have had another good day and have been outside lots and lots. I had a wander through the fields and was able to have a wee nap in the long grass 'cos it was nice and warm and very peaceful. My friend S. came to see me and I got a great big cuddle from her which was lovely. My DH has been out with me a lot but my MH had things to do in my house so she didn't come out to play although she has promised that she will play with me tomorrow if it is good weather so I think I will be sleeping with my little paws crossed again tonight.

I got a big surprise today when my MH opened her computer and there was a message for me from my friend J. and she introduced me to another one of my paw pals and this one is called Liquorice. I have lots of paw pals now and it keeps me busy writing to them all, but of course the old dear helps me a lot. I think I might be quite famous, you know.

So there we are. I don't have too much news for you but I am very well and very happy. Well, I am very happy as long as I don't look at the CAGE! Hiss and spit!!!

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Don't Worry....

.....If you think I look a bit tired in this picture. I am perfectly fine, but I did sleep all night with my adorable little paws crossed hoping that it would be a good day today and my little weather man friend must have seen me through my television 'cos today has been lovely and I have been out lots and lots.

As I told you yesterday, my humans were out at a concert last night, but they didn't stay away from me too long and when they came home, I was still out in my garden and I gave them a big surprise when I ran up to them to say hello, but they like surprises like that. We sat on the couch for a while and my MH told me all about it and said that they had had a really good time, so I was happy for them.

We all had a very good sleep and didn't need to get up too early, but as soon as I was up and fed, I was outside just happy being in the lovely sunshine. I ran on my grass and rolled on my path---lots of times 'cos it is one of my very favourite things to do, especially if my path is warm and today it was warm. Ah, lovely!

My DH was out with me a lot and then the old dear came out too 'cos she has got another car to play with and it is nice. I got a wee bit mixed up 'cos she told my friend S. on the phone that her car is a Kangoo and because I was half asleep and half listening, I thought we were getting a kangaroo and I was a bit disappointed when a motor arrived and not an animal for me to play with, but it is quite funny, sure it is?

I went into the gym with my MH and when she was all settled on her walking machine, I went out to play until she was finished and then we had a play together on the grass. It is nearly dinner time and then it will be napping time until it is time for me to go out to play again and goodness knows what I will find to do, but I will have a long, long time to do it in, 'cos if the weather stays good then the window stays open which mean I can stay out until I am sleepy and that makes me one very happy, adorable Squeak!

Friday, 24 July 2015

Oh Happy Me

I have had a super duper day because I have been outside all the time, and what has made it even more special for me is that my humans have been out with me, and you all know how happy that makes me.

It has been a sunny day on my lovely little island and it has been warm too, so I have spent lots of time lying on my grass without the danger of being run over with the lawn mower. My DH has been working in the greenhouse but me and my MH have been doing some weeding and I have a funny story to tell you about that.

Me and her were out in the garden in front of my living room and there aren't very many weeds there 'cos it is covered with chips ---stone chips, that is, not eating ones!--and the weeds don't grow much there but every time the old dear sees one, she runs out and pulls it up and that's what we were doing today, but one weed was not coming out very easily no matter how hard she pulled and it was only when I felt a wee bit shaky that we realised I was sitting on a bit of the weed she was trying to get rid of! Oh it was funny and we did chuckle.

The humans are going out tonight to a concert in our Hall but the window will be left open for me so I shall be very fine and I know they won't be away too long so I am quite happy. I only hope that the weather is good tomorrow so that we can all get out to play again, and I hope you have a good day too.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Another Good Day

I am having lots of good fun just now and it is keeping me very busy which I like. My MH has been a happy bunny today 'cos it has been raining! Now, I know that sounds odd, but she is only happy 'cos she cut the grass yesterday and if she had left it until today it would have been too wet. See?

She did some hoovering and dusting and then she did something she hasn't done for a long time. She played on our Wii. She hasn't been able to do that 'cos she had a sore hip, but now that she has a new one she can play again, so I guess that means I will be getting weighed again on it sometime.

I know there is something happening to me soon that I am not going to like. I am going to the V-E-T! I don't know when. I just know it is soon 'cos my cat carrier is out in my living room. Now I know you are wondering why that might be. Well, last year, when I was going for my MOT, as soon as the box arrived I disappeared under the bed! Oh it was great fun 'cos my MH couldn't get to me and neither could the old boy, so I thought I was safe, but then somebody rattled biscuits and my poor old tummy let me down so before I knew it, I was lifted up and bunged in the box then driven off to the pier to go to see the vet. Sigh!

So! This year the humans decided that if the box was out for a while before I was due to go in it, then I wouldn't be afraid of it, but I will not go into it unless I am forced to, so the little plan hasn't worked so far. I know I will have to go and I know it is to make sure I am still very fit and healthy but I don't like it one little bit and I shall only go into that box kicking and screaming and scratching and hissing!!

To be honest, I am quite looking forward to it! Hee hee

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

It had to happen

My humans have been home a whole week and it has been lovely with lots of cuddles for me and lots of knees to sit on whenever I want, but today my peace and quiet disappeared as the lawn mower was brought out and me and my MH cut the grass! oh dear. It was quite a nice morning and while the old dear was running round the garden after the mower, I just sat on the path and watched her and I was quite warm so I was happy---and so was she 'cos she likes it when the grass is all nice and short.

It didn't take her too long and when she was finished, her little legs were tired so she had to sit on my couch for a rest. Oh boy. That was my signal to launch my adorable little self on to her knee, wriggle my equally adorable little bottom into a suitable position and settle down for a comfortable seat with lots of cuddles thrown in for good measure. Bliss--absolute bliss.

Me and the Boss thought you might like to see this picture of all the boats that we could see from our living room yesterday. The Lifeboat takes the Shopping Week queen for a short sail and then brings her into Stromness where she is met by the pipe band and escorted up to the Town House for the opening ceremony and we could see it. We couldn't see the people but we knew they were there. I like this picture and I think you will too.

The sun is still shining so I have decided to have a very quick after-dinner nap and then when I waken up I shall head out into the big wide world and see all my little animal friends. There are lots of them in the fields beside my house so that will keep me busy for quite a while I think.

I love being out at night and especially when it is not winding or raining 'cos my humans leave the window open for me and that means that I can stay out as long as I want and all I have to do when I start to feel sleepy is rush home, jump in through the window, have a wee feed and curl up beside my MH and snore!

Oh, my dear friends, isn't life brilliant!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Bits and Pieces

I have been doing a lot of little things today, but nothing very serious and I have enjoyed my day very much. I am having very good sleeps at night all curled up beside my MH and when I waken up I am ready to spring into my day as soon as the old dear has filled up this adorable little tummy. She told me today that she thought I had hollow legs and that's where all my dinners were going. This made me a bit worried so I had a feel at one of said legs and it definitely wasn't hollow! Mind you, I HAD just eaten, so maybe the food does go there!

I went out to play and had lots of sniffs all round my garden and then in the fields and when my humans were in the greenhouse, my MH tooked this picture of me in full flight and I think it is a brilliant picture. It shows just how this adorable little puss can move when the time is right---and that time is usually dinner time! Hee hee

I was able to stay out for a long time and my friend M. came to my house to see me and then she tooked my MH away for a while so I stayed in my garden till they came back again and I made my MH laugh when I rolled over and over on my path as she was walking up to me. She liked that and bent down to tickle my adorable little tummy and I liked that a LOT!

By this time I was feeling a little tired, so I nipped through to my bed and had a little snooze which just filled me with lots and lots of energy so as soon as I have finished this, I shall be heading outside. The sun is shining on my little island so I think I will have lots and lots of fun until I am tired and then it will be cuddling up to MH time again.

Oh, goodie!

Monday, 20 July 2015

Monday, Monday

.... and a very back to normal Monday with my DH sailing away on the boat to go to the Cat Shop and me and my MH staying at home. And since it is a normal Monday, it meant that the vacuum cleaner and the dusters and the steam machine were all out. Oh dear. At one point I so wished that I could use the phone 'cos I would have phoned my friend A. and asked him to come back and look after me, 'cos he rarely took out the vacuum cleaner and that is just how I like it.

However, it didn't take the old dear too long and she was soon sitting on my couch with me sitting on her lap and that made us both very happy. When my DH came home we watched the golf on my television, but to be honest, I can't get very excited about it 'cos Andy is not there and neither is Raffa, so I just had a snooze while he told my MH all about his day. I will tell you a little secret, my dear friends. I think my MH had a wee snooze while he was telling her all this!! Between you and me, sometimes he takes an awful long time to say not an awful lot! Hee hee

It was the start of Shopping Week in Stromness today and that's when there are lots of things happening in the town and my DH said he was very busy in the shop, so I am being very gentle with him. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't very great but I have still been able to get out for a couple of plays and that keeps me happy. I am having a snooze on my couch right now while I am transferring all these ideas to my MH who is writing them on her computer for you, but I know that when I waken up again, I shall be ready to go out a-hunting and a-playing until bedtime.

There are still lots of lovely sheeps in the field in front of my living room, so I can have plenty of company if I want, and then when I get sleepy and want to cuddle up beside my dear old MH, I just nip through the fence, and jump up onto the window sill, in through the (open) window and nip into my bedroom after a little stop in my kitchen to have a wee bedtime nibble.

Oh, I do love my routine. It is quite brilliant, and I hope you like it too.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

I think...

...if I was a human person instead of an adorable pussy cat, I would have no finger nails left today. And now I hear you asking 'why?' Well, this afternoon, me and my MH settled down on my couch to watch the tennis 'cos Andy was playing and we both like to watch him.... sometimes! Oh, my goodness. What a match it was. My poor old MH was exhausted at the end of it 'cos I think she played every ball! I know it wasn't very comfortable sitting on her knee 'cos she kept leaping about like a mad thing. Andy was absolutely brilliant, and if we are exhausted just watching him, I wonder how he is feeling! But well done. It was fantastic.

I must admit that I didn't watch the entire match as I had to go outside for a while and get some peace and quiet and it was a lovely day on my little island, so I was happy outside. There are sheeps in the field in front of my house, so I don't have to go too far to get some company which is good and it meant that I didn't miss too much of the tennis 'cos I was near my house.

When it was all finished and me and my MH had a wee lie down in a darkened room--hee hee-- we went into the study while my MH did some letters and yours truly took up my favourite position up high on the top shelf beside the hub. I like up on that shelf, but I make my humans nervous when I jump up on to it 'cos the low shelf shakes a lot when I launch my adorable little self off it and on to the top shelf. But so far it has been OK.

My little weather man friend has told me it is going to be a good night so that means the window can be left open for me and I can stay out as long as I want and I think I might stay out a long time tonight.

My DH is going back to the Cat Shop tomorrow after his holiday, so it will just be us girls in my house again which I like, but I heard her mention that the vacuum cleaner might be busy tomorrow, so I think I might be out in my garden a lot. Ho hum

Saturday, 18 July 2015

And a lovely Saturday

Except the weather on my little island is not very good and my poor old MH is feeling it cold. I told her that I was feeling very sorry for her, but then I did point out that if she didn't abandon me to go away to very hot places, then she wouldn't have to come back and be cold. See? I think that makes purr-fect sense, but she just smiled, so I don't think I am going to win that argument!

I have had a very good day and have been outside for a couple of short trips and then straight back in again to warm the old dear by sitting on her knee. We watched the tennis on my television and it was a great match and I am so glad that Andy and Jamie won. I like them----but I love Raffa. Sigh! My MH worked very hard yesterday doing lots of ironing. Now there's another reason she would be better staying with me. She wouldn't have millions of clothes to wash and iron. Hmm. I might try that argument next. That might have a better chance. I shall let you know.

We are having a a lazy Saturday and I am liking it very much. I am getting lots of sleeps, but I am also getting lots and lots of cuddles so I am an extremely happy little Squeak. And I hope you are extremely happy peoples!

Friday, 17 July 2015

A Lovely Friday

I am a very happy little Squeak. Every now and then I get a wee thought that tells me that my humans are back home with me again and that makes me so very happy that I have a little purr to myself! Bless!!

I was a little bit concerned this morning when my MH told me they were going out and I thought to myself 'surely not another holiday?' but then I saw her take her guitar and I knew exactly what she was doing and where she was going and I knew that they would be back very soon, so I was still happy.

I had a wee snooze until I heard the door opening and in came my humans, but this time my DH was carrying the box of groceries and I remembered it was Friday and Friday is string day. Yippee! I had the bestest of fun jumping in and out of the box and as you can see, my MH had room in her camera for her very favourite puss. Well, I am her ONLY puss, but she loves me millions.

But you knew that already, didn't you? I hope you all have a very good weekend. I know I am going to have a crackin' time just 'cos my humans are back home with me, and I love it! MILLIONS!!!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Happy Puss

I have had an absolutely brilliant day. A very good -back to normal-type of day with me playing outside as much as I wanted and then coming back in side for millions of cuddles whenever I wanted. Magic!

The weather on my little island was lovely today and my dear old MH has been very busy washing all her holiday clothes which meant that I have been out in my garden with her and running up and down my clothes poles which always makes her laugh. I like to make her laugh.

My friend M. came to see us today, but I haven't seen A. as he has been very busy. Maybe I will see him soon. I hope so 'cos I like him and I miss him now that he is not here. I am sure he will miss me too.

I don't have very much news but I will slowly get back to normal and once my MH has all the Greece out of her camera, I will be able to get in again, and once I am in again, you will be able to see me. See?

I know that will make you happy too!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


You know what that means, don't you? Yes. My humans are back to me so I am back to you. Oh, my dear friends, I am so very, very happy.

I have had a very good time with my friend A. and as usual, he looked after me very well and I showed him that I appreciated that, but you know it's not the same and I miss my humans, but they are back.

They have travelled hundreds and hundreds of miles just to come home to me and they are a bit tired tonight, so this is just a quick message to you to let you know I am very well and tonight I am very, very happy.

There are no pictures of yours truly 'cos my MH's camera is full of Greece she said. Will that not make it slippy? I said and she smiled,but she didn't tell me so maybe there will never be any more pictures of me which would be very sad for you. Sure it would?

I shall have words with the old dear and let you know tomorrow, 'cos I AM BACK !!!