Sunday, 26 July 2015

A Question

How could anyone put an adorable little puss like this and a horrible cage like THIS? I do not know, but that's what is going to happen to yours truly---or so my humans think. I have other ideas.

My MH thought she was being clever when she brought out my cage last week and she put one of my blankets in it along with some of my biscuit treats thinking I would have a look inside and start to like it. Not so, MH, not so! It will take more than a cosy blanket and a few biscuits to fool this wise puss. I did make them laugh though 'cos I went up to said cage and had a look in and a wee sniff and I managed to eat the biscuits by stretching my adorable little neck as far as it would go without actually putting more than one paw in it. Just in case. One never can be too sure.

I have had another good day and have been outside lots and lots. I had a wander through the fields and was able to have a wee nap in the long grass 'cos it was nice and warm and very peaceful. My friend S. came to see me and I got a great big cuddle from her which was lovely. My DH has been out with me a lot but my MH had things to do in my house so she didn't come out to play although she has promised that she will play with me tomorrow if it is good weather so I think I will be sleeping with my little paws crossed again tonight.

I got a big surprise today when my MH opened her computer and there was a message for me from my friend J. and she introduced me to another one of my paw pals and this one is called Liquorice. I have lots of paw pals now and it keeps me busy writing to them all, but of course the old dear helps me a lot. I think I might be quite famous, you know.

So there we are. I don't have too much news for you but I am very well and very happy. Well, I am very happy as long as I don't look at the CAGE! Hiss and spit!!!

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